6 Easy Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

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You’ve finally found the perfect apartment, and the move-in date is quickly approaching, and your excitement is growing! You are about to walk into a blank canvas, and you get to make it your own! The endless possibilities may seem daunting, but with a little effort and inspiration, your new apartment is going to feel like home in no time at all!

Decide on a Style

Choosing a style is the first step in the decorating process! Your style should guide you through every room of your new apartment and give it a consistent feel throughout. You should decide on a color scheme and furniture style that fits you and stick with it! An excellent way to find a color palette is by taking something you already have and like with a few different colors on it and use that to guide you when choosing colors. Once you know your design style, selecting all things to fill and decorate your apartment will be a breeze!

Do Something with the Walls

While painting your walls might seem like the best thing to do for your new apartment, the unfortunate reality is that you may not always be able to paint depending on where you rent. Don’t worry, though; there is still plenty that can be done with your walls to make your new apartment feel like home. Try putting up some family photos or hanging up some of your favorite paintings. Mirrors also add depth to your room and give you a place to make sure you look great before walking out the door. When hanging things on your new apartment walls, it is essential not to damage them; try using damage-free hooks or double-sided tape to decorate your walls without ruining them.

Liven Up Your Apartment with Plants

Plants are a great way to bring life into your apartment. Thinking about your apartment’s layout, how much natural light you will have, and where it is will help you pick the perfect plants to brighten up your new home. Succulents are some of the best plants for your apartment as they require little maintenance and are incredibly hardy. If you want the color and fun plants to bring to your home with none of the care, you may consider some nice-looking fake plants.

Get the Wi-Fi Right Away

Arranging for your internet and or cable to be set up before you move in will make the whole process of getting settled much smoother. Having small luxuries like the internet can make the transition much more comfortable. This is one thing that is often overlooked when moving, but getting your internet and cable set up right away is going to make all the difference in making your apartment feel like home.

See the Neighborhood

Get out and explore your new neighborhood! Use your newly installed Wi-Fi to do some research on what’s around you. Start small, find the nearest grocery store, or where you’re going to get your coffee in the morning, and work your way out from there. It’s also essential to make a note of things like transit stops and parking options right away.

Meet Your Neighbors

Get to know the great people that live next to you! One of the best things about living in an apartment is the sense of community that comes with it. Make use of your building’s amenities like the fitness center or community room to start meeting your neighbors!


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