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The Perfect Last Minute Father's Day Gift

The Perfect Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift

If you’re still searching for the perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift and time is running out, don’t worry! With this idea, you can create a Read More »
houseplants scaled
air plant

Ideal Houseplants to Raise in Your Apartment

Plants cleanse the air in your apartment unit while cheering the place up. It may not seem possible to find plants that live best indoors, Read More »
command strips scaled

Decorate Your Apartment without Disappointing Your Landlord

The only thing cooler than an apartment of your own is making it your own. The hardest part of renting is getting creative without getting Read More »
get ready for holidays

Make Your Apartment Accommodating for Holiday Guests

The holidays rapidly approach, and the days left to prepare keep passing by. Use your beautiful apartment to make the most of the holiday season Read More »
plants to avoid
apartment living

Bad Houseplants for Pets and Children

While houseplants give cleaner air, a boost in mood, and a better-looking room, not all houseplants are good with pets or children. Some common houseplants Read More »
fall decorating

Decorate Your Apartment for Fall

Fall is coming! You can feel the crisp air in the breeze and the see the changing colors of the leaves. Despite temperatures dropping outside, Read More »

Keep Yourself from Making these Five Decorating Mistakes in Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment is a new, exciting experience. The place is yours and you get to decorate how you deem fit. Getting everything Read More »
apartment decorating

How to Decorate While Living in an Apartment

Limited space is not an excuse for lack of character. After all your belongings are moved in, do some decorating and make your new apartment Read More »
get best lighting

How to get the Best Lighting for Your Apartment

Lighting is one of the most underrated parts of an apartment. It can affect your mood, visually illude a space’s size, draw or hide attention Read More »
make apartment feel like home
Apartment Living

Six Ways to Make Your Apartment Home

You have found the perfect place, the move-in date is rapidly nearing, and your anticipation mounts! You are about to enter a blank canvas and Read More »

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