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Clutter is an internal mess being expressed physically. Managing your cords is just as important as managing your bedroom or kitchen clutter. A mess of cables looks bad and can hinder your mental health and productivity. Aside from aesthetic ugliness, a pile of cables can also be a safety issue. It is easy to trip on cords and destroy your computer by accidentally pulling it off the desk when you pull on the mess of cords. Get your cables under control with these helpful tips and tricks.

Get Rid of Junk

Cables add up fast and hang around longer than we actually use them for. Look through your desk drawers and you can probably find at least one or two cords that you haven’t used in a long time. You might not even know what you use them for! Get rid of this clutter. Invest in a drawer divider or separate containers for cords that you do not use every day.

Safety First, Stupid Last

When dealing with anything electrical you should always use caution; this includes cords. Never, under any circumstances, staple or nail cords to your wall or baseboard. Staples and nails are electrical conductors, by putting them through a cord you risk a fire or shock. Take the time to inspect cables. See that none are frayed or breaking. Check to make sure there is no paper or flammable material around the outlet. Utilize electrical tape to fix any cords that have frayed or has cracked rubber around them.

Know What Cords are Which

Labeling all of your cords will make rearranging your workspace easier. The options for labeling and organizing your cables is endless. You can color coordinate the cord to the device, use a label maker to print out a neat little tag for each cord, or simply write with sharpie on masking tape telling you what it belongs to. There are products available to help you with this or use your own solution.

Cord Organizing Products Exist for a Reason

You can use hooks to zip ties to keep your cords in order. Hooks can be used on the wall or under your desk to create a path for each cord. Velcro straps are also a common option for organizing cables. Keeping your cords together will make it easier to clean around your electrical devices and outlets aside from looking neater.

Office to Your Home

While most people find the cords in their office are tangled, you likely have cords around the house that could stand to be organized. The entertainment center is the most common area where cords easily turn into a knotted pile. Use the tips above everywhere in your home where you have cords. The best way to keep cords organized is to get rid of broken cords and dispose of cords that no longer serve a purpose. The rate at which technology develops is astounding. With each passing day, more cordless technology is being released on the market. From tools for woodworking to ear buds for music, find cordless solutions available for products you use all the time.


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