Stop losing your mind looking for that one thing! You know it happens, and you know it’s time to get organized! Learn how to make the most of your space with proper organization and always be able to find that one thing every time you need it.


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The Greatest Moving Checklist

Moving and change are a part of human life. While some enjoy it more than others, we are better than most people believe. The majority Read More »

What You Can Do to Save Space in Your Apartment

When living in an apartment, you are compensating for the lack of space every day. Every inch counts and should be used as well as Read More »
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Maximize Your Laundry Space

The best amenity your apartment can have is an in-unit washer and dryer. When you do not have to commute to clean your clothes and Read More »
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Tolerating a Messy Roommate

Maybe you are a neat freak, or maybe you just like to have a clean apartment. Either way, if your cleaning habits are better than Read More »
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Keep Your Cables Neat & Tidy

Clutter is an internal mess being expressed physically. Managing your cords is just as important as managing your bedroom or kitchen clutter. A mess of Read More »

Make Your Memorial Day Picnic Last a Lifetime

Memorial Day is a benchmark; winter is gone, spring has passed, and summer is on its way. You may be getting your beach-body toned, bringing Read More »
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How to do Yoga at Home

Yoga is a good way to keep your figure and it doesn’t take up much time or space. Yoga can be done anywhere, even in Read More »
renters insurance
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Six Reasons Why Renter’s Insurance is a Must

Even if you think you do not need it; you should still have renter’s insurance. By this point in your life, you have had to Read More »
make apartment feel like home
Apartment Living

Six Ways to Make Your Apartment Home

You have found the perfect place, the move-in date is rapidly nearing, and your anticipation mounts! You are about to enter a blank canvas and Read More »
small space furniture
Apartment Living

Buying Furniture for a Small Space

Furnishing around space restrictions is a problem many renters deal with. You don’t want to cram your apartment with too much, but you want to Read More »

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