Maximize Your Studio Apartment Space


If you are a student, on the go often, or living independently, studio apartments are an excellent option. Studio apartments provide the essentials for a great price, but the space is limited. It is never how much you have, but what you do with it. These tips will aid you in getting the most out of your studio apartment!

Separate Your Bed

Since a studio is essentially one big room, your bed is the largest piece of furniture that will make it feel smaller than it actually is. Finding a way to “detach” your bed from the rest of the room is a great way to make your studio feel larger. A non-destructive way to separate your bed from the room is using a folding room divider. The divider will not take up too much space as well as can be removed easily, so it does not have to be permanent.

Establish a Seating Area

Studio space is a hot commodity. The best way to make your space seem bigger is by making a designated spot for everything, including a seating area. It is understandable to not be entertaining guests all the time if you live in a studio apartment, however you still need a seating area for yourself and the few times you do have company over. A seating area will break up the single room feel, and you are likely to enjoy the space you do have even more.

Transparent Furniture

Clear furniture is not about a futuristic aesthetic, it gives the illusion that your apartment is bigger than it is. Tables and chairs are some of the best-looking clear pieces of furniture, but clear shelving aids the illusion, too. Clear furniture blends excellently with any design theme, making it a wise-buy if you intend to keep the furniture around for a long time.

Use Vertical Space

The only thing more precious than floor space is wall space. Do not let any space go to waste. Can you hang it up? If the answer is yes, then you should have done so already! Hanging items will keep the studio organized, decrease clutter, and utilize the entirety of the space available.

Brighten Up

Bright, warm colors make spaces appear larger. Choosing light colors that reflect more light will make the whole studio seem bigger. Keeping your windows clean with a streak-free shine and removing any natural light obstructions will only help this illusion. Pay attention to the color of the lightbulbs when you first move in. If you notice the bulbs are a dingy yellow light, switch them out for bright white lights. Aside from making the studio appear roomier, it will also make it feel cleaner as well.

Big Furniture

It might seem backwards, but it is just like decorating your walls; better to have a few large pieces than a million little pieces. A few larger furnishings will make a strong statement and prevent a feeling of claustrophobia that comes with a bunch of smaller furniture. Choose your large pieces wisely as you only get a few. Seek pieces of furniture that are multi-purpose to get as much as you can out of your space. Furniture that can be stacked or folded and put away when not in use is also a great way to save space.

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