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The Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Everyone has a varying standard of cleaning. For some, grabbing their clothes off the bedroom floor is cleaning, while for others, cleaning means getting on Read More »
Your Toilet Is Not the Dirtiest Part of Your Apartment

Your Toilet Is Not the Dirtiest Part of Your Apartment

What You Need To Know Before You Clean Your Apartment. Learn More So You Can Focus On Germs During A New World Of Covid.
spiders in apartment

Make Your Apartment Safe From Spiders

Spiders are not exclusive to any one region, there is always the chance that spiders could make their way into your apartment. While some of Read More »
get rid of fruit flies

Eliminate Fruit Flies in Your Apartment

A fruit fly invasion might be one of the worst things to happen in your apartment kitchen. As the name hints at, fruit flies prefer Read More »
clean kitchen fast

Deep-Clean Your Apartment Kitchen

While you should clean your apartment kitchen every day, occasionally you will need to exceed daily expectations to make it shine. Peep these helpful tips Read More »
clean shower
apartment bathroom

Shower Cleaning Made Easy

After you take a shower, what happens to the dirt? Most makes it down the drain, but your shower only gets dirtier with each use. Read More »
clean light fixtures
apartment cleaning

Light Fixture Cleaning 101

Lighting determines the mood for every room you are in. To get the best light possible, it is mandatory to keep your lights and light Read More »
cleaning supplies

I Just Got Done Cleaning, Now My Cleaning Supplies Need to be Cleaned

You would not brush your teeth with a dirty toothbrush, so why would you clean your apartment with nasty cleaning supplies? Just because they are Read More »
clean bedroom scaled

Get Your Apartment Bathroom Clean in 15 Minutes or Less

Bathrooms get dirty quickly and will most likely be the room that needs the most attention. Based on how much time you spend at home Read More »
clean after being sick
apartment health

How to Clean Your Apartment After Being Sick

To stop the spread of an illness, you need to clean your apartment when you or a roommate are sick or just got over a Read More »

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