Apartment Upgrades So Easy You Can Do Them Yourself

easy upgrades

When first moving into a new apartment, the endgame is usually to get everything set and comfortable. After you get settled, you may start to see how you can upgrade your space. With apartments, there are limitations to what you are allowed to change, but here are simple apartment upgrades to make your space even better.


One of the best ways to upgrade your space is by changing the lightbulbs. Choose your lighting carefully as it will set the tone for the whole room. Bulbs have various color temperatures that range from yellow to blue. A blue light will give you a sterilized, more energetic feel while yellow light will be soft and peaceful. For continuity, use the same lighting through your whole apartment. If you are upgrading your bulbs, you might want to upgrade your light fixtures, too. Lamps are a cheap addition to any room and will give you more control over the lighting.


Placing photos around your apartment will personalize the space and really make it feel like yours. Pictures of friends, family, or your pet all make for great additions to your walls! Photos of places you have been to or want to visit also act as great conversation starters.


Upgrading furniture does not have to be expensive. Make your couch pop again with some new pillows! Find a design that compliments your current theme for consistency or make them clash as a focal point on your couch or favorite chair.


Plants will make your apartment fresh and help cleanse the air. There are many types of indoor plants that work great at making your apartment lively. Start with a few plants that are low maintenance and watch your space come to life. Some favorite apartment plants include the pothos, philodendron, peace lily, and succulents. A cactus is great for first time green thumbs as you only have to water them once or twice a week.


Rugs will upgrade any floor. Many luxury apartments have hard floors; using a rug is a painless, fast way to soften up your floors and give your whole apartment a cozier feel.

Replace Switch and Outlet Covers

Replacing the light switch and outlet covers will add a luxurious touch to your apartment. They are low-cost and come in assorted designs to suit your apartment theme. With one screwdriver and a few minutes, you will have upgraded your apartment.

Switch the Kitchen Hardware

Sometimes you move into an apartment and the hardware is a little outdated. No big deal: this is another easy upgrade that only requires a little bit of time and a screwdriver. Change out the handles on your kitchen cabinets and drawers to match your theme better, or just simply to a trend more current. Hold onto the ones that were in the apartment before you moved in; you will want to put them back on when you move out. You can take your kitchen hardware to your new spot. Worst case scenario, they do not match your new place and you sell them, use the profit from your sale to buy new hardware again.

New Showerhead

Perhaps a bit more difficult than switching out the light covers or kitchen handles, but it should still be relatively brainless. A new showerhead will make showers feel more luxurious. Picking a water efficient head will save you money on your bill, too. Since you are in the bathroom, you might as well swap out the handles in there as well.

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