Make Your Apartment Safe From Spiders

spiders in apartment

Spiders are not exclusive to any one region, there is always the chance that spiders could make their way into your apartment. While some of us fear spiders more than others, spiders are never openly invited into anyone’s home. Take into account these helpful tips to free your apartment of spiders keep them from returning in the future.


Routine cleaning is the best way to make sure spiders are not freeloading in your apartment. Spiders are attracted to dirty places, that means areas that are not getting cleaned regularly. Vacuum often and wipe down all areas that spiders would like to hide and make webs, such as corners of the floors and ceilings. Clean the baseboards in your apartment, inside of drawers and cabinets, as well as inside of windows and sills where they usually first make their way into your apartment.

No Open Cracks

Spiders can squish and force their bodies through any cracks around windows, doors, or even walls. Utilize caulk to seal over cracks and add weatherstripping under your doors to seal off the gap. Making sure spiders are not able to get into your apartment is the first step in ending their infestation.

Set a Trap

For the humanitarians out there, set traps to capture the spiders alive and remove them from your apartment. Sticky traps work great for all kinds of bugs, or you can invest in a catcher made solely to catch spiders. There are spider catchers that work similar to a vacuum that will safely suck up the spiders so you can release them outside. Other traps secure spiders without the use of suction, but you can still release them unharmed outside. Use any kind of poison as a last resort to get rid of your spiders, especially if you have children or animals in the house. It is not uncommon for mice to eat the poison, then a bird eats the poisoned mouse, and next thing you know, you are the one responsible for killing off your local ecosystem.

What Keeps Spiders Out of an Apartment?

There are multiple products and strategies to keep spiders out of your house. Listed below are some of the most effective

Essential Oils

Essential oils do more than make yourself feel better; depending on the scent, some essential oils repel spiders with their strong aroma. Spiders dislike peppermint, tea tree, lavender, rose, and cinnamon oil. To use essential oils as a buffer, simply place a few drops on a cotton ball and place the scented balls around your apartment where spiders make their way inside. You can also use water to dilute the essential oil, put it in a spray bottle, and disperser around your apartment that way.

White Vinegar

A solution of half water and half white vinegar will drive off spiders from your apartment. Use a spray bottle to attack problem areas where spiders gather or enter your apartment through.


Spiders dislike citrus or citrus-based products. Rub a lemon peel on your baseboards or around windows to help ward off spiders with the strong scent of citrus. You can also use cleaning products that are citrus scented to help. If you like to spend time outside, consider purchasing a citronella candle to help deter spiders.


Small cedar blocks can be stationed around your apartment to keep away spiders. Cedar works best in areas where spiders are likely to be, such as drawers, cabinets, and under the sink, as a few examples.


Spiders and vampires both hate garlic, spiders do not like the scent though. Use this to your favor by placing small bowls of garlic around your apartment in spider-affected areas. If you happen to enjoy the scent of garlic, mix garlic with water and spray it throughout your house.

Prevention is Key

“Do not allow something you do not want to deal with to start in the first place.” Easier said than done, however taking steps to prevent spiders from entering into your apartment is critical to preventing spider infestations. Clean your apartment regularly and use the tips above to avoid sharing your space with spiders.

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