I Just Got Done Cleaning, Now My Cleaning Supplies Need to be Cleaned

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You would not brush your teeth with a dirty toothbrush, so why would you clean your apartment with nasty cleaning supplies? Just because they are cleaning supplies does not mean they stay clean. Below are six popular ways to clean dirty cleaning supplies.

How Do I Clean My Vacuum?

Canister, upright, and hand vacuums all need to be cleaned routinely to know they are working correctly. Gather small scissors, hot water, and dish soap to clean your vacuum. Before you begin, empty the dirt bag or cup. If you have a vacuum with a cup, use the soap and hot water to wash this. Your vacuum’s brush roll should be cleaned following the dirt bag or dirt cup. Use the small scissors and cut off any hair or string that has been snagged or wrapped around the brush roll. Hoses tend to collect debris, so wash and replace your filter as needed.

How Do I Clean My Mop Heads?

Your washer can be used to effortlessly clean your mop head. Use heavy-duty laundry detergent and set the washer’s water temperature to the hottest setting. Avoid washing items separately as this is an inefficient method of cleaning. Your mop head should be washed with towels, rugs, and rags.

I Can Clean…My Broom?

Every tool needs to be cleaned and taken care of; your broom is no different. Debris gets trapped in the bristles of your broom. Take your broom outside and “sweep” the edge of a step to get out all the trapped debris. A bucket with hot water and dish soap will be needed to clean the base of the bristles attached to the broom pole. Put the broom in the bucket of soap and water, swirl it around, clean off the bristles, and hang the broom bristles-down to air dry.

How Do I Clean Sponges and Brushes?

Use hot water, bleach, and a bucket or sink to clean sponges and brushes. You should rinse the sponge with hot water and setting upright to dry after every use. With one-half cup bleach and one-gallon hot water, allow the brushes and sponges to soak for about ten minutes.

What Do I Do to Clean My Duster?

To maintain maximum effectiveness, clean your reusable duster after each use. A large bucket or sink, dish soap, and warm water is all that is necessary to clean a duster. Following every use, the duster should be taken outside and shook out aggressively. Find something hard to tap the handle against to loosen dust. With the warm water and dish soap solution, swirl the duster in this for a few minutes before squeezing out the duster and hanging it up to dry.

So I Have A Cleaning Bucket, Is It Not Already Clean?

Just because it is a cleaning bucket does not mean the dirt inside it is clean. It is normal for dirt and grime to build up in your cleaning bucket from routine use, but if you don’t clean it out, you will only be spreading dirt on everything you are attempting to clean. A disinfectant, hot water, and a sponge is the only thing needed to clean a bucket. Use a disinfectant in a spray bottle to cover the inside of the cleaning bucket, sit patient for at least ten minutes, and then use the sponge to scrub it out. Once you see the dirt spots recede and fall to the bottom, use warm water to rinse out the bucket. Use an old towel to wipe out the inside before you place it upside down on the same old towel to dry.


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