Get Your Apartment Bathroom Clean in 15 Minutes or Less

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Bathrooms get dirty quickly and will most likely be the room that needs the most attention. Based on how much time you spend at home you should be cleaning your bathroom at minimum once or twice each week. As the bathroom tends to be the smallest room in your apartment, it should be one of the quickest to clean. Learn how to clean your apartment bathroom in 15 minutes or less with the advice below.

Needed Supplies

Cleaning your bathroom does not require much and should be a seemingly easy task. You will need a basket for extra clutter, a broom, mop, hamper, trash can, disinfecting wipes or spray, glass cleaner, and toilet cleaner with a brush. When all of this has been gathered, you are ready to clean!

Get Dirty Clothes Out of the Way

Fill up your hamper with all your dirty clothes lying on the floor. The bathroom floor is the greatest culprit to accumulating dirty clothes and towels. Get these off the floor and into the hamper, then wash them. The hand towel only gets used when you dry your hands after cleaning them, so it gets overlooked often. Since you are cleaning your bathroom, you might as well add this one to the hamper and get a fresh towel hanging on the hook.

Throw Out the Trash

Get every bit of trash out of the bathroom. All the little toilet paper pieces that fell on the floor, loose strands of hair, and any empty soap or shampoo bottles from the shower. Round it all up and throw it in the waste bin, then place the hamper and the trash outside the bathroom to open up your working space.

Put Things Where They Belong

Do not get this confused; do not get off-task and start reorganizing your medicine cabinet or drawers. All this step requires is to put things back in their place. Save the organizing overhaul when you deep clean the bathroom.

Give the Sink and Shower a Good Wiping

Easily wipe down your sink, faucet, and bathtub or shower using a disinfecting wipe or cleaning spray. Protect your hands by wearing gloves for this and save yourself from touching something nasty.

Outside of the Toilet Needs Some Love

Still using your disinfecting wipes or cleaning spray, wipe down the outside of your toilet. The toilet bowl’s underside, the toilet seat, and seat cover are easily overlooked, do not forget these spots when cleaning. These places need to be a part of your regular bathroom cleaning routine as an unreasonable and horrid amount of dirt and grime collect.

Inside of the Toilet Could Use a Clean

This should not have to be mentioned, but yes, you need to clean the inside of your toilet. To keep it simple and effortless, you can get water additives for your toilet water to maintain your toilet bowl’s cleanliness.

Get Your Zit-Juice Off the Mirror

Mirrors can be cleaned using glass cleaner or vinegar. Everyone can notice a dirty mirror instantly, make this the most important thing to keep clean in your bathroom.

Grab a Broom and Sweep

Focus on the high traffic areas and along the walls where dirt tends to accumulate. Pick a wall or open corner of your bathroom and sweep everything on the floor into it. Start from the opposite side and work your way to where you are sweeping everything. This will make the sweeping process swift and efficient, as well as you will not be forgetting any small piles getting left behind.

Create a Habit

When you clean your bathroom often, it helps to create a habit. When using this simple, fifteen-minute cleaning process, you will notice cleaning your bathroom becomes less of a chore each time. The more you clean, the more consistently clean your bathroom should stay.

Keep Tools for the Job Together

An easy way to make this already easy cleaning process faster is to keep all of your cleaning supplies stored in the same spot in the bathroom. This will give you more time to focus on cleaning because you will not have to go searching for all of the cleaning supplies.


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