Light Fixture Cleaning 101

clean light fixtures

Lighting determines the mood for every room you are in. To get the best light possible, it is mandatory to keep your lights and light fixtures clean. Safety is always the number one priority; see that all bulbs are cool and turned off before you start cleaning them. Power should be disabled to the room prior to cleaning to eliminate the risk of injury. Find the fuse box and associated fuse to the room, then switch it to the off position.

Light Bulbs

You are up cleaning the light fixtures, so it only makes sense to clean the bulbs at the same time. A dry microfiber cloth is all that you need to clean lightbulbs. With the power still shut off to this room, unscrew the lightbulb and wipe it down with your microfiber cloth. Screw in all bulbs before flipping the fuse to the room back on.

Routine Dusting

Dusting light fixtures routinely will maintain their cleanliness and make the process easier each time you clean them. Dusting your light fixtures should be implemented into your cleaning regiment for every room.

Light Fixture Cleaning

Despite being a wide variety of light fixtures, they are all comprised of the same materials (for the most part). Glass cleaner, a microfiber cloth or paper towels, and a ladder will be needed to clean the light fixtures. Some light fixtures need to be disassembled to be cleaned properly. If you have a light with a glass dome, you only need to remove the screw, typically found at the top or bottom of the dome, take off this glass piece, and use your glass cleaner on it. If you have recessed lighting in your apartment, a standard dusting and bulb cleaning are going to be the most effective. For a chandelier cleaning, you need to decide if you will disassemble it to clean it. If you choose to disassemble your chandelier to clean it, take multiple photos from every angle so you know how to put it back together. A photo should be taken every time you take a piece off so you can work backwards from your photos to piece it back together. If you do not intend to take apart your chandelier completely, then you should plan to stand on your ladder for a long time. This is a little more time consuming and should be done by an able-bodied person. Injured or elderly people have no business climbing a ladder, much less for a long period of time. The individual crystals of the chandelier can be made sparkly-clean with glass cleaner. This method is more time consuming, however you will save yourself the hassle of taking apart your chandelier and putting it back together.

Clean Frequently

As lighting sets the mood for a space most significantly, keep your lights and light fixtures clean and working properly. Light fixtures tend to accumulate large amounts of dust and cobweb which will negatively impact the quality of light in a space. Routine dusting and cleaning of light fixtures should be done to ensure the best light quality in your space.


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