Easy Ways Winterize Your Apartment and Cut Back on Your Heating Bill

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It may be September, the mornings and evenings are still warm, heck, you may have your air conditioner in the window still, but you cannot start preparing for winter too early. When you winterize your apartment correctly you can reduce your heating bill. There are many economic ways to have your apartment braced for winter and shave money off your bill.

See that Your Windows Do Not Have Cracks or Holes

Heat escapes through windows, more so if you live in an older apartment building. Windows can have some of the strongest drafts in an apartment. Sealing your windows properly for the winter months can help you to save on your energy bill. Some landlords will provide window sealing equipment for you, so if it is not stated in the lease, it always pays ask. Even if you have to do it yourself, generic plastic wrap and two-sided-tape is not that expensive. Find a friend or roommate with a hair dryer to seal up the wrap nice and tight, and your windows are ready for the cold.

Use Thick Curtains or Stuff a Blanket or Pillow in the Window

Whether or not you are able to seal your windows, a thick curtain will help insulate your apartment. Even if you do plastic wrap your windows, cold air will still make its way through. Heavy curtains are great for those dry, winter nights, but do not forget to open your curtains during the day to let the sun heat your apartment. The best way to keep cold air from sneaking in your windows is to seal with plastic and hang heavy curtains. If you are looking for a temporary fix, a big pillow or thick blanket can be jammed in the window as insulation.

Throw Down a Rug and Pad

Rugs are not limited to decoration; they will keep your feet warm during the long winter cold. Luxury apartments usually come with gorgeous hard floors, but they still get cold in the winter. For your high traffic floors, lay down a thick rug pad and throw your rug over the top. Not only will this keep your floor warm, but it will also soundproof your downstairs neighbors’ ceiling.

Your Heat is Too High

When you intend to be out and about for a few hours, you should turn your heat down to forty degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter, it is important to keep your apartment above freezing so your pipes do not break. If you are not going to be around, there is no point in keeping your apartment hot. Turn your thermostat down, but not off, to save money this winter.

Heavy Sheets and a Thick Comforter

It is not uncommon to get cold while you sleep. If this sounds familiar, acquire warm bedding and keep your apartment thermostat low while you sleep. Instead of letting your heating keep you warm, let the thick sheets, blankets, comforter, or quilt do the job for free.

Do Not Heat Empty Areas

If you are not occupying an area, do not waste your money keeping it warm. Utilize a space heater to keep a certain room or space warm. A space heater can be plugged in when you get home from work, and unplugged when you go to bed to keep your bedroom warm. That way you can keep your thermostat at a steady forty degrees Fahrenheit.

Layer Up and Layer a Lot

Keep the thermostat down by putting clothes on. You will find that forty and fifty degrees is not as bad when you have long pants, a long sleeve, and a hooded sweatshirt and pullover on. When you have more layers on, turning the thermostat will not be as enticing. Before you turn the heat up, put on another layer. You can always take them off if you get too warm.

Know Where Your Heating Ducts Are Located

It happens all the time; you furnish your apartment while it is still hot out, and then winter comes around and you swear you do not have a single heating vent. Couches and chairs are common culprits to sitting positioned over the heating ventilation. Move your furniture around to let the heat to flow through the room evenly. Additionally, this will rid your apartment of a fire hazard. When your heating registers are free of blocked furniture, you will protect yourself from a fire, your apartment will be heated better, and you will put money back in your pocket.


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