Maximize Your Apartment Kitchen

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If you are not in love with your apartment’s kitchen, then you need to read up! Some people are thrilled to spend time in their kitchen, but if that is not you, that is okay, check out how to get the most out of your time in the kitchen.

Innovate Your Own Storage

It can be tricky deciding how you plan to tetris your pots, pans, and Tupperware without them spilling out of the cupboards every time you open a door. This is where it is time to get creative with storage and think outside of the box. Believe it or not, your oven is an excellent place to store large pots and pans that otherwise would never fit in your kitchen cabinets. The majority of ovens have a bottom drawer used for warming that can be home to the lids for your pots and pans or even store your baking trays and cookie sheets. Do not forget to utilize the inside of cabinet doors. Just like a bathroom door or your front door, you can hang your belongings on the backs of these doors. For damage-free storing, use Command Strips to keep small baskets hanging on the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors. These baskets can be home to your daily kitchen cleaning supplies for easy access or whatever else you think would be wise to store there, even snacks!

Shelves are Overrated, Let Your Stuff Hang

One of the golden rules of maximizing your space is to make use of your vertical space. Make your walls and ceiling space in your kitchen work for you; pots, pans, knives, and oven mitts can all be hung on the wall for fast finds. Pots and pans steal most of the cabinet space, and they probably make you look like a master chef when they are hanging from your ceiling or wall. A magnetic strip can serve your knives by keeping them right on the wall, sparing precious drawer space and cutting down the steps it takes to grab and go.

Make Your Dining Room and Kitchen Two Different Rooms

If you are unable to store all your cooking and cleaning supplies in the kitchen, you most likely are unable to squeeze a dining table in, too. Remove your table from your kitchen to open up the space but keep the table near enough to the kitchen so serving yourself and guests is still manageable. It might require some rearranging, but you should be able to find the perfect spot between your kitchen living room to set up your dining table in your apartment.

A Refrigerator Can Be Your Spice Rack

The doors on your fridge can be used for more than just hanging up bill-pay reminders and pictures of places where you would rather be right now. Take the photos down and put plastic organizers up to keep assortment of spices organized. Plastic organizers, attached with magnets on the back, can hang out on the front of your fridge for a convenient spice rack. Spices are not the only thing that can be housed on your refrigerator doors, push yourself to see what else can be hung from your fridge with this strategy.

Throw Down a Rug or Two

Hard floors in the kitchen make it easy to clean up spills, but if you want to bring in a little comfort and character to your kitchen, throw down a rug to avoid any crazy remodeling to your kitchen. Pick a rug that matches the design theme you already have working in your apartment. If your back, hips, or legs start to ache while working in front of your stove or sink, invest in an excellent memory-foam rug to make your time spent in the kitchen enjoyable.

Keep it Fun, Keep it Flary

You would not keep the walls of your apartment bare and boring, and your kitchen is no different. Continue your chosen theme into your kitchen to give your apartment décor an uninterrupted feel. As a tenant, it is hard to make any big changes, like knocking down a wall, however decorating your kitchen will make you appreciate the space more, specifically if you are not a fan of spending time in your kitchen in the first place.

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