Eliminate Fruit Flies in Your Apartment

get rid of fruit flies

A fruit fly invasion might be one of the worst things to happen in your apartment kitchen. As the name hints at, fruit flies prefer fruit and food scraps. Most often, fruit flies are seen hovering around the top of a garbage can or fruit dish. Fruit flies can lay up to five hundred eggs at a time, which means the problem needs to be dealt with swiftly before it can multiply out of control.

Stop Fruit Flies at Their Own Source

The best way to prevent fruit flies in your apartment is to not leave out any ripened fruit or vegetables. While everyone loves a cool fruit bowl to throw their apples and bananas in, place your fruit inside the refrigerator so fruit flies will not be able to discover it in the first place. Fruit flies are attracted to alcohol, which means it is critical to rinse out all beer cans or wine bottles before you place them in the recycling container. Furthermore, it is wise to flush out your garbage and recycling containers regularly; buildup of food or liquid on the inside will keep the fruit flies coming back.

DIY Your Own Fly Trap

Creating your own fruit fly trap is both simple and impressive. The only materials needed will be a cup or a jar, a sheet of paper, tape, and vinegar or fruit. Roll the paper sheet into a cone, allowing an opening of about half an inch at the bottom. This funnel should fit snug into your container with no gaps around the cone. With a space at the bottom, about an inch or two deep, place your fruit or vinegar here. Another trap, even easier to make, only requires a small cup with apple cider vinegar to attract the flies and dish soap to kill. Pick your trap and be patient for the results.

Houseplant that Fruit Flies Dislike

Native to southern Europe, Rue is now a common houseplant. Aside from being popular, Rue will also thrive in your kitchen. It was used in folk remedies historically, however people do not eat it as it has a strong bitter taste. The shrub-like herb can be housed in your kitchen to help drive away fruit flies, as they hate the sharp aroma that Rue gives off.

Keep it Clean

The best way to keep fruit flies from getting comfortable in your apartment is to keep it clean. Routine cleaning of your kitchen and any areas that will collect food scraps is vital to prevent the attraction of fruit flies in your apartment. Always keep a keen eye down your sink drains, dishwasher, stovetop, stove sides, oven, and the floor in front of your fridge. When these areas are clean and kept free of food debris, fruit flies will never make a presence in the first place. If maintaining a clean kitchen and other traps mentioned above fail to bring better results, you could always purchase a commercial fruit fly trap or repellant.


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