7 Things You Probably Forget to Clean

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Even if you have a reliable cleaning routine and feel like you have been doing a great job keeping up with it, there are still some places in your apartment that you forget to clean. When you walk into your apartment, it’s easy to see what clean and what needs attention is, but these seven areas you have probably been overlooking. Add these areas to your regular cleaning routine to ensure every spot in your apartment is looking good!

Under Your Furniture

When is the last time you looked under your bed or couch? It has probably been some time. This is an excellent habitat for dust bunnies, lost socks, dirt, clothes, and maybe even garbage. Get out a broom, duster, or vacuum and clean under all of your furniture. It is recommended to do this at least twice per year, but cleaning under your furniture more frequently won’t hurt.

Walls and Baseboards

Vertica surfaces like walls and baseboards collect a surprising amount of dirt and dust. Get the most lighting in your room possible, and you will see all of the dust and dirt that has found its way to your walls and baseboards. Use a duster on your walls and wipe down your baseboards with a damp rag to take care of the hard to get dust and dirt. After dusting the walls, use a wet rag to clean off any marks on your walls and dirt and grime around light switches and doorknobs.

Tops of Cabinets, Doors, and Décor

Out of sight is not out of mind when it comes to cleaning. The tops of doors, cabinets, and décor like frames tend to collect a ton of dust and dirt. Even though you can’t always see these areas, they’re incredibly dirty. Also, clean the ceiling fan and light fixtures while you’re up there.

Vents and Air Filters

If you have central heat or air condition in your home, you have filters that need cleaning or replacing. Dust, dirt, and allergens become trapped in these filters and vents and blowing them into your home. Clean all of your vents and replace the air filter regularly to help keep dust and dirt away; your allergies will also thank you for this. If you have a window unit, these still need to be cleaned, and you can find information about how to do so in the owner’s manual or by looking up the make and model online.

Closet Floors

Closets are easy to forget about cleaning and organizing. The closet floor might just be one of the dirtiest parts of your whole closet. Often shoes are kept on the closet floor and will transfer dirt and debris from the outside to your closet floor via your shoes. Going through your closet a few times per year to organize your clothing is recommended, and this is an opportune time to clean the closet floors.

Clean Your Vacuum and Other Cleaning Tools

Trying to make something clean with something dirty just doesn’t make much sense. Cleaning your vacuum and other cleaning tools is crucial for them to work to their full potential and not spread more dirt throughout your apartment. You should be rinsing the debris compartment on your vacuum and hanging or washing the filter regularly. Be sure to remove any hair or string stuck in the bristles of your vacuum.

Indoor Plants

Not only do you have to water and fertilize your indoor plants, but you should also be cleaning them. Plants tend to accumulate a good deal of dust and dirt and if they are moveable, putting them in the shower for a moment is a great way to clean them off. If a plant’s leaves are dirty, you can use a microfiber cloth or paper towel to clean the leaves. Doing this will also help your plant to be much healthier!


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