What You Can Do to Save Space in Your Apartment


When living in an apartment, you are compensating for the lack of space every day. Every inch counts and should be used as well as you can. Moving into a small space may have you feeling like the walls are caving in, but all it takes is some creativity and organization before you are cozy in your new home. Fresh tenants in the apartment living game will find these space-saving tips more useful than the veterans, but there is advice for everyone.

Position Your Furniture Perfectly

At first, moving all your furniture around to find the right arrangement sounds awful, but once you get the spark, the fire will not die until you have your apartment exactly how you hoped. There are no direct rules to how a room needs to be laid out, but it is suggested to begin with the biggest piece of furniture and make your way from there. Perhaps you want to use a different strategy, and you begin your layout with what feels like the most important furniture and work from there. When you switch up the layout of your apartment furniture, it will keep your unit looking new, making you feel refreshed and organized.

Your Table is Way too Big, You Need to Cut it

The trend of the giant coffee or dining room table is out, it just takes up space. A table that large is only asking for you to clutter it up with a bunch of mail and other garbage that should just be dealt with right away. Quit allowing a massive table to rob so much of your floor space. To maximize your space, go thrifting or antiquing for a couple of smaller tables. Two smaller tables present more layout and design options for your apartment. Additionally, two tables allow you and your guests to spread out, opposed to everyone trying to crowd around one big table. Should you want one large boardroom-style table, pick out two of the same tables so you can choose your set up for every situation.

White Walls are Boring, Add Some Flavor!

Photos and trinkets lining your tables and counter might seem cute to you, but they are only clutter getting in the way. Use Command Strips to put these up on your walls damage-free. When you do not have any unneeded belongings on your countertop and table, you will keep your brain clutter-free organized. These otherwise overlooked pieces will become unique highlights in your apartment!

Cabinets Should Not Be Empty, Fill Them Up

The average person does not use the entirety of their cabinet space to the best of their ability. Even if you do not have enough kitchen supplies for your cabinets, they can be used to store other belongings and items that would be helpful to have in close reach. For residents that are limited by height, there may be a few cabinets that are simply too tall to be helpful for anything besides long term storage; that is okay, use those inconvenient cabinets for exactly that. Use every one of your cabinets to your favor and maximize your space.

Utility Closet

The utility closet in your apartment can be used to store cleaning supplies and other random belongings that might fit well there. If you are fortunate to have a laundry room or closet, using that space as storage should not have to be stated. A rack over the back of your utility closet door is perfect to hang your mop, broom, towels, dusters, and other cleaning supplies that would otherwise fall over leaning up against the wall. Clear containers or drawer organizers should be utilized for storage of paper products and cleaning products to be found fast when you need them. The most overlooked appliance that needs to be stored is the vacuum cleaner! Be sure to have a spot for this in your utility closet, if you mop and broom are going to be stored there, it only makes sense to have the vacuum close by.

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