Maximize Your Laundry Space

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The best amenity your apartment can have is an in-unit washer and dryer. When you do not have to commute to clean your clothes and save up your all your quarters, you are able to save a lot of money during your lease. Whether your laundry area in your apartment is large or small, use the tips below to make the most of your existing space.

Air Dry Clothing Items

Nothing is more annoying than clothing items that require an air dry. Most of the time, there just is not enough space to hang up these articles of clothing in your laundry space. Quit using the shower and doors to hang your clothes. Purchase small bars for yourself and mount these under the cabinets to create a hang space. Better yet, invest in a pull-out drying rack for yourself to eliminate the pain of seeking out areas throughout your apartment to hang up your air-dry-only clothes.

Nothing is in Stone, Move it Around

You most likely have a small space for your washer and dryer, but they are more than likely centered inside the space. Keep them plugged into the wall while you move your washer and dryer a smidge. It may sound insignificant, but you may end up giving yourself sufficient space to hang a shelf or basket for added organization space in your laundry room.

Your Washer and Dryer Can Be Shelves

Side-by-side front-loading washer and dryer machines can readily be made into a shelf! Make this prized space work to your advantage; a piece of wood, such as butcher block or even plexiglass, can be placed on top of the washer and dryer to provide a convenient spot to fold your clothes. If the height of your washer or dryer makes it uncomfortable to use this space as a folding station, use it to store your laundry supplies, perhaps detergent and dryer sheets, so they are only an arm’s length away.

Get Your Washer and Dryer Off the Ground

If you are fortunate to have high ceilings, raising your washer and dryer is an excellent method to stretching your space as far as you can. When you raise your machines just a foot or two off the ground, you create an entirely new storage space. The space under your washer and dryer is perfect for dirty clothes, socks waiting to find their better half, or even a speaker to make laundry time more fun.

Find Somewhere to Store Your Ironing Board

Space in an apartment unit is hard to come by, and space in your apartment laundry area is even less. Storing your ironing board in a different area, such as the spare bedroom, may seem like an easy fix. All you are really doing, though, is moving it from one spot to another even greater inconvenient spot. Do not allow your ironing board to steal prized space in your apartment. A pull-out or pull-down ironing board than can be kept in your laundry area without taking up too much space is the best option.

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