How to do Yoga at Home

yoga at home

Yoga is a good way to keep your figure and it doesn’t take up much time or space. Yoga can be done anywhere, even in your studio apartment! Yoga provides a routine for every mood; whether you want a morning workout to energize you for the day or a before-bed stretch to aid with sleep. Creating the habit of doing yoga regularly might be difficult at first, but the benefits of regularly practicing yoga will soon show.

Make a Space for Yoga

Having a designated space to perform yoga will make developing the habit of regularly practicing yoga easier. While having the mat rolled out all the time might be a good reminder, this space does not have to be for yoga alone. A space that can quickly be converted into your yoga space is fine. You do not need a ton of space, either. A space that is only a few feet larger than the size of your yoga mat on each side will suffice. Setting time aside is an easy way to stick to a successful yoga routine. Give yourself about a half-hour for each yoga session. Prioritizing this time into your day will make sticking to a schedule feel natural.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

While yoga can be done pretty much anywhere, wearing anything, having the proper equipment will make it more enjoyable. Don’t go out and go broke buying new yoga pants when all you need are comfortable clothes that allow you to move. A quality yoga mat is the one thing you purchase to make your yoga practice comfortable. Find a mat that has a sticky side so you can get a better grip on your poses to really make the most of your workout.

Breath and Meditation

As much as yoga is a workout, it should be a time of clarity and relaxation as well. During yoga sessions, focus on a consistent breathing pattern through your nose and clear your mind. If at first you dread yoga, soon you will be looking forward to it for the mental clarity it brings you and not just the stretching.

Never Be Ashamed to Ask for Help

If you don’t know what you are doing, speak up and ask for health. There is a reason that yoga instructor is a full-time job, and for some folks, a career. Improperly yoga practice can lead to an injury. You do not have to climb a mountain and ask a guru at the peak for help; ask an experienced friend or check out one of the many online yoga routines that have experienced instructors hosting the class for a free way to guide your yoga routine.

Silence All Unnecessary Stimulation

You have to prioritize time to practice yoga. To get the most out of your precious yoga time, remove all distractions. It is tempting to catch up on the news or listen to your favorite music, but these added stimuli only distract you during this time. Breathe in through your nose. Silence your mind. Breathe out through your nose. Everything else is unnecessary.

Take Your Time

One of the best parts about yoga at home is you get to practice at your own pace. Figure out where your pressure points are and focus on those spots. Find out which poses benefit you the best and practice those. Hold a pose for as long as you need to because there is no class and instructor you must keep pace with. Do not lose heart if you think you are progressing too slow. Yoga is not about how good you are at it; it is about what you get out of it. With that being said, you only get out what you put in, so be mindful of how you practice, not just how long you practice.

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