Eight Improper Garbage Disposal Uses

garbage disposal

It tends to slip the mind, but the garbage disposal is one of the appliances in your apartment most likely getting misused. Everyone has to eat every day, leading to the assumption that you probably use your garbage disposal every day. Due to its frequent use, the Maintenance Department receives requests for garbage disposal repairs often. Stop putting these eight foods in your garbage disposal to decrease continual repairs.

Thread-like Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables like banana peels, corn husks, celery, and potato skins, among other stringy foods, get wrapped up around the motor of your garbage disposal. Do not place these items into the garbage disposal when you can compost them. Use an old coffee or paint jar with a lid that seals to compost in your apartment. The compost can be added to plant soil to help them grow. Not only will you save your garbage disposal, but your plants will be healthier, too.

Coffee Grounds

Contrary to popular belief, coffee grounds should not be thrown into the sink every morning and washed down the garbage disposal. Coffee grounds clog sinks and drains all the time, which is why they belong in the trash and not the garbage disposal. Composting coffee grounds is a great way to prevent further damage to your garbage disposal.


The garbage disposal is not that tough, eggs can damage your garbage disposal and will dull the blades. The egg membrane gets stuck to the grinders while the eggshells stay trapped inside the pipes. It is best to just trash eggshells in the can.

Pasta, Rice, and Oatmeal

When water is added to these, they swell, like other foods. All foods that expand with water should never be placed into your garbage disposal, as it will increase the risk of clogging your pipes and causing a backup.

Oils for Cooking and Grease

You should never pour grease or oil down your drain. There is a reason why restaurants have grease traps outside. Grease and oil stay in a liquid state for a short period of time before they solidify. Once solidified, you will run into a world of pain with your disposal and drainpipes. The grinder will end up greasy, causing the garbage disposal too slick to perform its function. Some fats, such as bacon grease, can be stored in the fridge and reused later for cooking.

Fruit Pits or Seeds

A good rule to follow is “if a knife cannot chop it, your garbage disposal will not be able to either.” Restrain yourself from dropping seeds, fruit pits, or popcorn kernels into your garbage disposal. All of these food items can be placed straight into the garbage bin.

Bones and Seafood Shells

While throwing bones or seafood shells into your garbage disposal may seem appealing in the middle of preparing a meal, it shortens its lifespan. Some high-end garbage disposals may be able to handle bones, but it will still take days off the garbage disposals life. All bones or seashells should be thrown away or buried in your compost pile.


Do not use harsh chemicals in your garbage disposal. Some chemicals will cause the metal pipes to rot, creating terrible long-term damage to your garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are an easy target for bacteria to thrive; grind lemon peels or orange slices in your garbage disposal to kill germs and make it smell better.

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