Ideal Houseplants to Raise in Your Apartment

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Plants cleanse the air in your apartment unit while cheering the place up. It may not seem possible to find plants that live best indoors, especially for greenhorns of the green thumb, but the houseplants below will live their best life in your apartment.

Rex Begonia

The rex begonia has otherworldly colors make to add a new spectrum of color to your apartment. With bold and blended purples fading into strong pinks on a background of smoldering green, these plants will draw eyes making for a superb accent piece. The rex begonias prefer sunlight and water in moderation, which labels them as low maintenance and ideal plants for your apartment.


An orchid will bring the pop of color your apartment has been missing. For gorgeous leaves and beautiful colors, bring this exotic plant back to your apartment. Orchids do not thrive in generic soil; they need a particular orchid mix that makes it possible for air to reach the roots of the plant. During daylight hours, temperatures of 60 degrees or more keep this plant happy, however cooler temperatures during the night will aid the plant in blooming its fantasizing flowers. Orchids are all about high humidity and a wealthy amount of sunlight, finding the right spot for these plants is of greatest concern. Orchids are not the easiest plant to keep alive, but if you want exotic colors in your apartment, they are the plant to pick.


If you are looking for a tough plant that can weather whatever comes its way, the Philodendron is what you want. With green leaves looking like heart, this plant brings life into any space. Since Philodendrons only require weekly water and indirect light, you can really place these plants anywhere. The little maintenance these plants need to survive make this a great choice for even the inexperienced plant caretaker.

Spider Plant

Spider plants used to be super common during the 1970s, and the returning trend is well deserved. This maverick of a plant does not need too much water and can fare through all kinds of lighting situations, even artificial light. If you are trying to find a plant to hang or want to fill an open corner space, the Spider plant is a terrific choice.

Jade Plant

A number one pick within the succulent family, Jade only asks for bright light and watering when the soil is utterly dry. A healthy Jade will bloom leaves of vivid green with a hint of red. Jade plants can be trained similar to a Bonsai if you like the look of those. You can tell your Jade wants more sunlight when the leaves start turning gray; if the leaves are drooping and deteriorating, your plant thirsts for more water.

Fiddle Lea Fig

Renters have a misconception that a smaller space requires smaller decorations, but that is not necessarily true as you can see with a large plant such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig. The big leaves will make a gargantuan statement in any apartment room. The plant does need consistent care to stay in shape, so this is a good choice for the experienced and attentive planters.

Air Plant

Next to a cactus, the Air plant could very well be the simplest plant in your entire apartment to keep alive. Air plants do not need soil, which allows the planter to get creative with where you keep it. Glass orbs or driftwood have been making their claim as a trendy spot to house air plants. Air plants should be in filtered light and watered weekly with a spray bottle.

English Ivy

If you have little to no experience with planting or indoor planting, the English Ivy should be a contender for you. Whatever size or color you want, you should be able to find in an English Ivy. If you are seeking an effortless plant that can tolerate most any environment, add an English Ivy to your apartment.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Ferns are elegant plants but may not be exactly the prime choice for your apartment unless you like high humidity levels. The Bird’s Nest Fern, however, is an exception to most ferns as it will live fine in areas with low light and average humidity. Should you bring a Bird’s Nest Fern into your apartment, it is key to remember that the plant’s roots need to breathe. A chubby potting mix, similar to what you would use for orchids, should be in the planter box or container of your Bird’s Nest Fern.

ZZ Plant

Abbreviated for Zamioculcas Zamifolia, the ZZ plant is splendid for an apartment. The ZZ plant can tolerate diverse moisture levels, but these plants would like an apartment that is drier and will survive sufficiently under fluorescent lights.

Christmas Cactus

This Christmas Cactus receives its name due to its winter-blooming time. Different from most other cacti, the Christmas Cactus does not survive under intense sunlight and a dry, desert plain. Rather, the plant originating from the rain forest will live best with high humidity and filtered light. If you are looking for a plant to stick in your vaporous bathroom or next to your kitchen sink, the best choice for you is a Christmas cactus.


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