How to Decorate While Living in an Apartment

apartment decorating

Limited space is not an excuse for lack of character. After all your belongings are moved in, do some decorating and make your new apartment yours!

Repurpose Furniture

People spend more time browsing thrift and antique stores looking for “unique” furniture, when they could simply just make it themselves. Aside from holding true to being one-of-a-kind furniture meant just-for-your apartment, it is also going to be super fun creating your furniture! Some furniture pieces that you may consider updating with repurposed furniture include your bed frame, picture frames, or coffee table. Use thrift and antique stores as a means to find furniture to repurpose for really cheap, but do not expect to find a pot-of-gold furniture piece.

Mirrors Distort for the Better

Mirrors are for more than just double checking you look good prior to walking outside. Mirrors can be placed creatively in your apartment to make any room look bigger. If you do not need it to add depth, hang the mirror so you can see the TV from the kitchen. The choices are yours!

Plants Make Spaces Brighter

Adding some plants into your apartment is a great way to make your unit your home. Plants bring life to any room and cleanse the air at the same time! When searching for the perfect plant for your apartment, find ones that will do well in the amount of light you have available. Don’t bring home a plant that needs more sunlight than you can provide. Try to seek out plants that do not require intensive care. Succulents like aloe or a cactus are good choices for first-time plant owners.

Choose a Theme of Light Colors

Choosing a light theme for your apartment will push your natural light as far as it can. It will even cheer you up a bit. Colors like white, pale blue, and light yellow are great choices to give you a fresh, energetic feeling, aside from carrying the natural light to the dark corners. Use dark hues sparingly as an accent or focal point to draw guest’s eyes to one area of a room.

Don’t Get Too Excited, Now

It is easy to toe the line of not enough and too much décor in your apartment. “Shoot for simplicity” and you should be alright. Pay attention to how dense your décor is. If you find most of your décor in one area of the apartment, spread it evenly to more spaces and rooms; this will keep your apartment’s theme continuous, or, “look like one place.” When your décor is spread thin, it will not appear like you have “too many decorations” that appear to guests as clutter.

Purge Regularly

Everyone gathers clutter over time, and when your apartment space is limited, you see how much quicker you accumulate it. Declutter routinely to prevent hoarding too much in your apartment and overwhelming yourself move-out day arrives. Build one day a week into your schedule to clean and declutter to develop the habit. If that seems like too much to do in one day, break down the process throughout the week. Instead of doing it all in one day, set aside time every day to declutter one area of your apartment. A little bit every day is better than a bunch at once, especially when trying to create a habit.

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