How to Organize Your Apartment Bedroom

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The entirety of your apartment should be organized; however, some may argue your bedroom is the most important space to keep tidy in an apartment. When you wake up in an organized and efficient room every day, you begin your day with mental clarity. Start your days with more ease by keeping your bedroom clean using the advice below.

The Floor is not Storage

If you cannot see your bedroom floor, you have a problem. Floor clutter will make your walls appear to be caving in on you, and when your floor looks bad, the rest of your room looks even worse. Use your vertical space in your favor and build some floating shelves to pick up your floor. Take a Saturday morning to hop from thrift store to thrift store to find for affordable and potentially cool shelving. If you do not have any luck at a thrift or antique store, you can always make your own with scraps you already have! A little shelf makes a big difference when it comes to keeping your bedroom and apartment in check.

Space Under Your Bed is Storage

A smaller bed or putting your mattress on the floor may give a little bit more space, but if you use the space under your bed, that would be the best way to use your limited space. The space under our beds is attributed to clutter and people try to keep this area free of any belongings; but if you use clear containers to easily see where your belongings are stored, the space under your bed is one of the best places for storage. Instead of lowering your bed, raise your bed for increased storage space. Depending on how high your bed is, you can store traveling suitcases, clothes of a different season, excess footwear, or any other big bulky items that need a spot out of sight. The space under your bed normally goes unused and unnoticed; do not let this be you! Use the space you have and organize your bedroom.

Storage Boxes and Jars as Aesthetic

Drawers are not exempted from organization. In fact, most people have a “junk drawer” that ends up wasting time instead of saving it. With the assistance of a few small boxes or jars, keep your dresser from ever getting unorganized again. For example, instead of haphazardly throwing your socks in a dresser’s drawer, place your socks in a shoe box in your dresser drawer and learn how much space you save! Jewelry and small accessories should be kept in jars to keep them from getting lost or misplaced.

Keep Your Office Out of Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you sleep, and therefore should be a place to loosen up and unwind, not work hard and stress. Keep the clutter from building up in your bedroom by removing all aspects of work from it. Computers, books, paperwork, and notebooks only lead to a messy bedroom. When you designate your work to a different room or space, your bedroom becomes far more relaxing when you are not repeatedly reminded of what needs to get done for work,

Countertops Not Clutter Tops

By the time you get home at the end of the day, emptying your pockets and putting your phone, wallet, and keys on the dresser or nightstand to forget about them is a classic move. Surface areas like nightstands, dressers, vanities, and floors reveal clutter immediately and keep the cycle of disarray and loss alive. Keeping these spaces clean will aid in the endeavor of keeping your bedroom arranged neatly. Desktop organizers, jars, and baskets will work wonders to keep these areas free from clutter.

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