How to get the Best Lighting for Your Apartment

get best lighting

Lighting is one of the most underrated parts of an apartment. It can affect your mood, visually illude a space’s size, draw or hide attention to detail, and set the atmosphere for the whole apartment. Keep a keen eye to the lighting in your home to get the most out of what natural light there is and create open spaces for you and your guests.

Draw Eyes to Ceiling Fixtures

Using a bold lighting fixture on your ceiling will draw eyes up and do wonders for making your space seem larger than it is. Use a piece that makes a statement; choose something that pops but still works with your design style. Ceiling lights can brighten up a room, but they should not be used as the sole lighting source for an apartment.

Add Light to Vanity or Desk

The most difficult part of lighting a vanity or desk having enough light to go around the room and not just down. Use sconces or string lights to provide light around you as you work, study, or do your makeup. This will aid your focus on what you are doing and open up the area you have devoted to working or getting ready for the day.

Use it or Lose it

Lampshades affect the quality and quantity of light. Lampshades of a lighter hue will provide diffused light and disperse an even “glow” throughout the room. Darker lampshades give a directional light both above and below the lamp. A mesh or glass lampshade will disperse more light throughout your space. It is important to know what light style you want before choosing a lampshade. If you want to acquire as much light as you can, you may decide to go without a lampshade altogether.

Temperatures of Color

Light intensity is not the only consideration when choosing lighting for your apartment. The color of the light you choose also plays a big role. There are two ways to alter the color of light; indirectly with a lampshade or cover, or directly by bulb color. Bulbs can give off warmer or cooler light colors, depending on what you buy and what you want. Bright white and cooler colored lights tend to be energizing and sterile. Dimmer yellow lights are inviting and peaceful. You can carry the same light color throughout your entire apartment or use it to give specific moods to desired areas. Bright white light works great for the bathroom and kitchen to keep you high energy. You might choose a dimmer yellow light for the bedroom to aid in winding down and fall asleep easier.

Ditch the Switch, Put on a Dimmer Dial

The easiest way to get dynamic lighting quick is to use dimmers. These are normally installed directly into the switch, however you can find renter-friendly options like smart light fixtures that can be controlled with a phone. Dimmable lights can set the mood for any occasion without having to change a lightbulb or lampshade.

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