Make Your Apartment Accommodating for Holiday Guests

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The holidays rapidly approach, and the days left to prepare keep passing by. Use your beautiful apartment to make the most of the holiday season with your friends and family! Learn how to make your apartment the fun spot to host guests and a holiday party with these useful tips.

Prepare Earlier Than You Planned

No matter how large or small, proper preparation and planning are significant parts to hosting any smooth gathering. It may sound crazy but start planning a month or two before the event; this takes a great deal of stress out of what is supposed to be a fun situation. What food and drinks will your serve? What genre of music do you want to play in the background? Will you have board games, card games, or perhaps lawn games to entertain your guests? You dare not forget decorations; what is the theme of your party going to be? If you are new to an area, begin your search for stores. Figure out what stores you want to get your food and beverages from and what stores you want to get decorations and party supplies at. Ask family or friends who will be attending the party to help with some of the responsibilities of pulling it together. A party is all about everyone present having a good time, and that includes the host; delegate tasks to the people who are going be at your party.

Too Much is Better Than Not Enough

The worst part is when you get halfway through a party only to run dry of drinks, food, or supplies. It is better to plan on having more guests than anticipated than less guests than anticipated; have extras of everything. No one wants the reputation of being the host that had guests go hungry. Having extra toiletries, such as a few toothbrushes and toothpaste, for guests that might have too much fun and need to spend the night, is always a plus. Having extras is never a bad idea when planning a party. Any leftover food can be sent home with your guest or will provide you with meals the week following the party, meal prep!

Fun Decorations Make or Break a Space

Decorations will turn your otherwise homely space into the party center for the evening. Three places to keep in mind are the first thing your guests will see when they come over, the room where you plan to spend the most time, and other areas of your apartment that will be open to your guests. Decorations make creating an open, welcoming atmosphere for your guests easy. Find something fun and light-hearted for the front door to get your guests in the right mood while they wait for you to let them in. Have decorations in the main party room that fit the vibe and attitude of you and your party guests. You can find small decorations for the bathroom or kitchen to keep the festive fun flowing throughout your apartment unit. No one is expecting you to break the bank; the local Dollar Tree will often have more than enough holiday decorations for the low. No one is showing out to your party based on your decorations, so do not go broke for decorations you will use this one time. Decorating for a party is one of the best parts, so enjoy preparing!

Keep a Critical Eye and Never Stop Improving

Attention to detail is critical when making sure your apartment is ready for party time. How are you going to set the table? Will you be using fancy silverware and plates to give your guests a luxurious experience, or are you going to keep it simple with disposable plates and cutlery? Candles and placemats give a touch of personalization that will set the holiday tone and make your guests feel extra special. Even if you do not want a seating arrangement, name tents can be made to make your guests feel like you thought about them as an individual when planning your party. Connecting the dots and knowing that every guest has a cup, plate, and silverware will keep the party flowing and everyone in good spirits!

Do Not Miss in the Bathroom

The kitchen, dining room, and living room get the most attention when planning for a party, as these are the rooms that the party will spending the most time in. However, do not let your bathroom slip through the cracks. Almost everyone of your guests will have to use the bathroom at some point throughout the evening; make sure your mirror has been wiped clean, the counter is clear, your medicine cabinet locked, and the sink and toilet have been cleaned. Keeping an aerosol air freshener on the tank of the toilet is not a bad idea in case a guest or two needs to “make a stinky.” Likewise, know that you have enough toilet paper and guests can access the extra rolls easily. Nothing is as embarrassing than being at someone’s apartment for the first time and having to ask for more toilet paper while you are still the middle of your business. An easy way to get your bathroom in the holiday mood is to put out a seasonally scented soap and hang up a festive hand towel.

Designate a Spot for Shoes and Jackets

Nothing is as awkward as not knowing where guests should go with their hats and coats. It is best to lead by example; a large rug right by the door with your shoes already on it is a great nonverbal que for guests to take off their shoes and leave them on the rug, too. Think about purchasing a coat rack from a thrift or antique store if you do not have a closet. Should you be unable to acquire a coat rack, storing coats in a spare bedroom or your bedroom is always an option. When guests leave their coats in your room, they will have to ask you to get it for them when they leave, which helps you be a responsible host and personally see each of your guests out the door. When you have an answer to, “where would you like our coats and shoes?” the night as the host carries on much smoother.

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