8 Things to Never Put in Your Apartment’s Garbage Disposal

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When thinking about appliances in your apartment, one of the last ones that come to mind may be your apartment’s garbage disposal. You likely cook food every day, meaning that you also probably use your apartment’s garbage disposal every day. Your garbage disposal is likely one of your most-used appliances. This is also one of the most frequently requested repairs to any maintenance department. Use these helpful tips and avoid putting these eight foods in your garbage disposal to keep it working correctly.

Fibrous Fruits and Vegetables

Fibrous fruits and vegetables such as banana peels, corn husks, celery, and potato skins, among other stringy foods, tend to get stuck by wrapping themselves around the motor of your garbage disposal. Instead of throwing these items into the garbage disposal, you can compost them in your apartment and use the compost to help your house plants grow. Not only will your garbage disposal thank you, but your plants will be happier too.

Coffee Grounds

While you may be tempted just to dump your coffee grounds into the sink every morning and wash them down the garbage disposal, you should throw them in the trash can instead. Coffee grounds are notorious for clogging sinks and drains and should not be put in your garbage disposal. You may also compost coffee grounds if you are composting in your apartment.


Even though it may seem safe, tossing eggs into your garbage disposal can damage and don’t help sharpen the blades. The egg membrane can stick to the grinders, and the eggshells tend to linger inside the pipes.

Pasta, Rice, and Oatmeal

When water is added to these, they swell. Avoid putting any foods that expand when water is added into your garbage disposal, as it will increase the risk of clogging your pipes.

Grease and Cooking Oils

Pouring any kind of grease or oil down your drain in a liquified state can cause massive problems once it solidifies. This will also grease your grinder, making the garbage disposal too slippery to do its job. Some fats such as bacon grease can be reused by storing them in the fridge and using them later for cooking.

Fruit Pits or Seeds

A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t chop it with a knife, your garbage disposal will not be able to take care of it. You should not put seeds or fruit pits or popcorn kernels into your garbage disposal, instead, put them right into the garbage bin.

Bones and Seafood Shells

It might be easy to toss bones or seafood shells right into your garbage disposal. Some high-end garbage disposals may be able to handle bones, but it will significantly reduce the usable lifespan of your garbage disposal. You should throw all bones and seafood shells away or Bury them in your composting pile

Harsh Chemicals

Using harsh chemicals in your garbage disposal should be avoided as certain chemicals may cause the metal pipes to corrode, causing severe long-term damage to your garbage disposal. Because garbage disposals are a prime area for bacteria to build up, grind some lemon peels or orange slices in your garbage disposal to kill germs and help it smell better.

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