Best Dog Breeds to Share an Apartment With

best dog breeds

There is a lot to keep in mind when renting an apartment with pets. When choosing which dog breeds are best suited for apartment living, think about how much noise will they make, how much activity they need, and how long can they be left alone? The good news is that there are many dog breeds great for apartment living. Most people think a small dog is the best fit for an apartment, but that is not necessarily true as small dogs tend to have high energy levels and can cause a lot of commotion with their high-pitched yelping-barks. Consider these apartment-friendly dog breeds when adopting the four-legged addition to your family.


The English bulldog is a perfect pet for apartment living. They usually stand at just over a foot tall and weigh around forty to fifty pounds. Being a smaller and very laid-back breed makes them great for families with children. Since English bulldogs do not require a ton of exercise to be happy, they are a great breed for someone who might not have the time for a long walk every day. French bulldogs are also excellent apartment pets as they have the same personality but only half the English bulldog’s size.


Corgis are a great apartment pet! Known for their friendly disposition, corgi’s short legs make exercising in the apartment possible for them. This breed is incredibly social and loves company. Corgis are not known for separation anxiety which make it easy for you to leave for work. Corgis are playful dogs that love to cuddle, making them a great addition to your family and well-suited for apartment living.

Shih Tzu

Small, calm, and attention-loving dogs, the Shih Tzu was bred to be a lap dog and is one of the perfect pets for apartment living. While they are a great size and temperament for living in an apartment, training in the puppy stage is required to stop excessive barking. Shih tzu’s make an excellent companion for those with limited apartment space.

Yorkshire Terrier

More commonly known as the Yorkie, these small dogs make great apartment pets. A Yorkie will make an excellent watchdog and will not require a lot of space to be happy. However, the breed does call for adequate training and socialization as a puppy to limit their barking and distrust of new people. These dogs make a cleanly roommate as they don’t shed and are hypoallergenic.


Most people do not think of a Greyhound as an apartment dog, but they are friendly, calm, and do not shed much. Greyhounds are active dogs that do best with active owners; their exercise needs can be met with a daily walk or some time at the park. Because of their lean body structure and short coat of hair, they do require extra love in colder weather. This may mean purchasing a coat or sweater and keeping your apartment hotter during the winter months. Aside from that, there is nothing to fear about having a Greyhound as an apartment pet.

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