Best Lighting Options for Your Apartment

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Lighting is one of the most critical parts of your apartment. It can affect your mood, visually change the size of a space, bring out or hide specific characteristics, and set the tone for your whole apartment. Pay close attention to the lighting in your home to get the most out of what you have and create the most inviting space for you and your guests.

Look Up at Ceiling Fixtures You Can’t-Miss

Using a bold lighting fixture on your ceiling will draw eyes up and do wonders for making your space seem more significant than it is. Use this piece to make a statement while you’re at it; choose something that pops and fits nicely into your design style. Even though ceiling lights are suitable for brightening up a whole room, they shouldn’t be used as the only lighting source.

Brighten Up Your Vanity or Desk

One of the hardest parts of lighting a vanity or desk is making sure there is enough light to go around and not just down. Use sconces, or string lights to provide multi-directional light around you as you work and study or do your makeup. This will go a long way in helping you focus on what you’re doing and open up the area you have dedicated to working or getting ready for the day.

Choose the Right Lampshades or None at All

Lampshades have a considerable impact on both the quality and quantity of light you get. Lighter lampshades will give off more diffused light and disperse it more evenly throughout the room in kind of a glow, whereas darker shades will offer you more directional light both above and below the lamp. Knowing what purpose you have for the light is vital before choosing a lampshade. If you want to maximize the amount of light in your apartment, you may consider doing away with the lampshade altogether or opting for a mesh or glass shade, which will disperse much more light throughout your space.

Color Temperature

Not only is the intensity of light something to consider when choosing lighting for your apartment, but the color of the light you choose is also going to be hugely important. There are two different ways to affect the color of light, wither through the fixture with a lampshade or cover, or directly by choosing a bulb that will give off a warmer or cooler color light. Bright white and cooler colored lights tend to be energizing and clean while dimmer yellow lights are inviting and restful. You can carry the same color of light throughout your entire apartment or use it to your advantage in certain areas. Bright white light works great in places like the bathroom and kitchen that you want to be high energy; you might choose a dimmer yellow light for the bedroom, so it is easier to fall asleep and more calming in general.

Dim Those Lights

The easiest way to get dynamic lighting at a moment’s notice is to use dimmers. While these are usually installed directly into the switch in your room, you can find renter friendly options like smart light fixtures you can control with your phone. Use dimmable lights to set the mood for any occasion without having to change any lightbulbs or lampshades.

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