Budgeting for the Apartment Renter

budgeting for renters

If you are living on your own for the first time or if you have been living alone for a while now, a structured budget is something that everyone should be doing. Read up on how to manage your finances and keep a healthy budget.

Consider Fixed Expenses

This is the base and easiest part of a budget. Fixed expenses are bills that are the same price every month. Your rent, utilities, insurance, and car payments are all fixed expenses. While you cannot do much to lower your fixed expenses, knowing how much they cost you each month is the first part to creating a working budget. Figuring out these expenses first will make it easy to budget your fluctuating expenses.

Grocery Shopping

Routine grocery shopping with a set list saves tons of money! A few meals out cost the same as an entire week’s worth of food from the grocery store. When grocery shopping, buy from a real grocery store and not the corner store where prices are drastically inflated. Remember that not all grocery stores target the budgeting-consumer demographic, other stores are more of a luxury grocery shopping experience. Compare the unit prices when looking at products on the shelf put your beautiful kitchen to use!


If you are seeking to update your furniture, driving out to the nearest home goods store is inviting, but there are better options out there for the budgeter. Furniture often outlasts folk’s interest in it, so there is more than enough lightly used furniture on the market for your new home. Start your search at thrift stores, garage sales, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Purchasing used furniture is way more cost-effective and you are more likely to find that one-of-a-kind piece to add to your spot!


Memberships and subscriptions run through money before you know it is even gone. Look over your bank statement and see how many repeated payments you have for subscriptions and memberships. If you see anything that you are not using, stop paying for it. If your apartment complex has amenities like a swimming pool or fitness center, your gym membership is pointless. Use the awesome amenities you already pay for in rent and save more of your hard-earned cash.

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