Chores to Perform Annually


While routine cleaning is mandatory to maintain your home cleanliness and mental organization, there are a number of chores you may be forgetting as you really only have to do them once per year. Read up on these chores that should get done at least once per year.

Curtains, Drapes, and Shades

Your curtains, drapes, and shades collect a lot of dirt and dust despite hanging vertically. It is easy to overlook these during everyday cleaning regiments and is why these make perfect once-per-year cleans. Your drapes or curtains usually provide instructions on how to clean them; most can be washed just like your clothes. Shades can be dusted with an ordinary microfiber duster or vacuumed using a brush attachment. Since you have your window covering off, you might as well wipe the windowsills and clean the glass. Additionally, clean the curtain rods and walls normally covered by the drapes or curtains.

Outdoor and Patio Furniture

If you keep up with cleaning your outdoor furniture as it gets dirty, you can get away with washing it once per year. The ideal time to clean your outdoor furniture is when you first bring it out for the season or before you store it for winter. Pick a sunny day wash it off with soap and water and leave it out to dry.

Furniture with Carpet and Upholstery

The end of summer is the perfect time to have your carpets cleaned. With the warm days, you have most likely been trekking dirt and debris into the house. Clean your carpet at the end of summer while it is still warm and before winter when you will be spending more time indoors. The best way to do this is to make a day of it. Clean everything else in your home, rent a carpet cleaning machine, and get to work. You can rent a Rug Doctor for hourly rates from an Ace Hardware store. For bigger jobs or those who can afford it, hiring a professional is always an option. Cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture will get out stains, dirt, and odors. Cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture should be done at least once per year to keep your things clean and looking nice.


When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? Now is the time to strip your bed, wash it, and clean your mattress. Wash your mattress cover on a “sanitize” setting in your washer to get rid of all dirt, germs, and bacteria. Carefully vacuum the top, bottom, and sides of your mattress. Use warm water and some fabric cleaner to spot clean the top of your mattress. Since your mattress is off the frame or floor, you can use this as an opportunity to flip or rotate your mattress for even wear.

Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers, and Pantry

Clean your kitchen and pantry prior to the holiday season. Clean out all of your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and pantry. Empty each of these entirely, one by one, and take complete inventory of what you have. Throw out everything expired and make a note of anything you need to restock.

Linen Closet

Take the time once per year to full sort through your linen closet. Vacuum and dust out spider webs and sort through your linens making a note of what is unused. All unused items should be donated. All linen articles old and worn can be trashed. Arrange the closet by seasonal items and what you use the most. Fold everything neatly to ensure you are optimizing the space the best you can.

Documents and Files

Even in the age of the internet, there is still paperwork and files to collate. Once a year, you should go through all physical documentation you have and scan it into your digital files. Digital files save precious physical space in an apartment. Not only will this reduce the physical clutter in your home, but your files will be easier to find when you do have to search for them. For extra peace of mind, save your most important files and paperwork in two places, like your desktop and the cloud to ensure you will always have access to them.

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