Clean Granite Correctly

clean granite

Thanks to granite’s natural beauty and variety of colors and patterns, granite is essential for new homes and renovated kitchens. Many luxury apartments offer granite countertops in their kitchens and sometimes in the bathroom, too. Granite is a gorgeous stone that brings an increased value to any space. Granite is tough, and when you clean it right, it will hold its shine for a long time. Use the proper products to clean granite that you most likely have in your home already.

How Frequent Does Granite Need to be Cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning granite simply depends on how often the surface gets touched or used. The countertop in your kitchen should be cleaned every day or following any use of the kitchen. If you have granite in the bathroom, such as a counter, this should be cleaned weekly when you perform your routine bathroom cleaning. Granite floors should be swept, or dust mopped, every day. Use a cleaning solution when you wet mop the floors at least once a week. Other granite areas in your home, such as the mantle, will be okay with a weekly dusting.

What Should Be Used to Clean Granite

To clean granite, you will want to use microfiber cloths, a spray bottle, a small bowl, dust mop, wet-mop, dishwashing liquid, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, plastic wrap, tape, vegetable oil, and paper towels.

Day-to-Day Granite Cleaning

The simplest way to clean granite is to wipe it out down multiple times per day. You can do this for your kitchen counter, bathroom counter, or floors. Clean up messes as soon as they occur. Keep a mental note that acidity will ruin the finish and quality of the granite. Day-to-day granite cleaning requires a simple solution of warm water and dish soap. Put this solution into a spray bottle, spray the granite surfaces, and wipe them off. If you have granite floors, sweep or dust-mop daily to prevent dirt and small rocks from scratching the granite.

Get Rid of Grease and Stains from Granite

No matter how often you clean, stains and grease are unavoidable. To remove grease from your granite countertops or backsplash, begin by mixing a solution of equal parts rubbing alcohol and water. With a spray bottle, disperse the solution onto the greasy areas. Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes to eat at the grease and stains before wiping it away. For tougher stains, make a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Fully cover the stain with the paste about a quarter of an inch thick and use plastic wrap to cover the paste for a twenty-four-hour period. After twenty-four hours, it is time to remove the plastic and allow the paste to dry. When the paste as dried, it is ready to be wiped away. If you want to avoid resealing your granite, you can put a few drops of vegetable oil onto a microfiber cloth and buff it into the granite for a fast shine. Oil should never be used on granite floors as they will become a slipping hazard.

Miscellaneous Ways to Keep Granite Looking Good

To prevent scratches, always use a cutting board on a granite countertop. Utilize a hot pad when placing hot or cold items on your countertop; this is specifically notable for objects such as slow cookers that expose the granite to heat for an extended time. Never place excessive weight on a granite countertop by sitting or standing on it, this may cause the granite to crack.

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