Consider Climate-Controlled Storage

climate controlled storage

With limited space in an apartment, many renters choose to store their extra belongings in climate-controlled storage units. Some complexes offer climate-controlled storage to their tenants as one of the amenities available to them. Other renters must find somewhere outside of their apartment building to keep their things. Even though storage units are climate controlled, they can get hot fast in the summer. Fluctuating temperatures can cause your items to be damaged. Read more about the dos-and-don’ts of climate-controlled storage for your extra belongings.

Review Your Storage Items

The first step to effective storage is figuring out what can go into storage and what should stay in the apartment. Sorting your belongings should be done at least twice a year to prevent clutter piling up. Most household items will be okay in storage, there are some items that you should not put in a storage unit, climate-controlled or not.

Alcohol Spoils

Alcohol is better kept in an apartment. Wine should not be in a storage unit as the temperature fluctuations can cause the wine to go bad. Wine stores best in places that are constantly cool, such as a wine cellar. Hot air can cause the cork to expand and contract. A compromised cork lets air into the bottle which ruins the wine due to excess oxygen.

Keep Photographs at Home

Photographs are commonly stored items that risk damage by changes in temperature or humidity. If you know you will be storing photos, find a climate-controlled storage unit that keeps the humidity low in addition to controlling the temperature. Low humidity levels minimize the chance of moisture damage.

Assess Your Collectibles Composition

Extreme heat and humidity can trigger the oxidation process in metals. You might think your coins or bicycles are incredibly durable, but all metals are at risk of rust damage. This goes for anything made of metal as well as vintage belongings. Air conditioning is perhaps the best thing you can do for your old collectibles. Unfortunately, air conditioning is not always offered with climate-controlled storage units. Make sure you know what the climate-controlled storage unit is capable of keeping controlled ceaselessly before you rent.

Keep Medical Supplies at the Ready

It is smart to stock up on medicine and medical supplies in the event you need them for the future. It may be tempting to put these medical supplies or medications in your storage unit for safekeeping, however humidity can ruin your bandages and heat can make your medicine ineffective. You should keep these items inside your apartment to prevent them being damaged or becoming useless. If you think any of your current prescriptions have been affected by the temperature, you should talk to your doctor immediately.


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