Create a Succulent Garden Inside Your Apartment

make succulent garden

Apartment living has many benefits; no lawn to mow, no driveway to shovel, and maintenance fixes any broken appliances. The only downside is you might miss gardening. The good news is you can make a garden inside your apartment unit! Plants bring life into your space and purify the air. Gardening itself will boost your mood, too. Succulent gardens work great for tenants who want to have a garden without the high maintenance of an extensive garden.

The Toughest Garden

Succulents have a broad range of colors, shapes, and sizes which makes them super popular for apartment living. Succulents are surprisingly tough, needing little attention and water to survive.

Tools for Indoor Succulent Garden

A succulent garden does not require too many materials, which makes it fun and simple build. Here is what you will need.

  1. Small Trowel – You really do not want a big trowel as you will most likely only move a few inches of dirt around at a time. Your hands work just as well if you do not own a trowel or do not wish to purchase one.
  2. Container – You will want a container that is about six to eight inches deep with a flat bottom. This will make it easier to transfer the plants. Think about where your succulent garden is going to be in your apartment; you want to make sure the container will not prevent the plant from getting the sunlight it needs. Additionally, look for containers in eclectic shapes to make it unique.
  3. Gloves – While not required, they are recommended, especially if you intend to skip the trowel and use your hands.
  4. Soil – Generic dirt or Miracle Growth will not suffice. Succulents need soil fit for desert plants. The soil must be well-draining and can be found at the local gardening or hardware store.
  5. Drainage Rocks – To make sure you are draining every last bit of water, get small rocks to place at the bottom of your container.
  6. Top Layer – Rocks, sand, or mulch are all good choices, you really cannot go wrong. Pick a top layer that compliments the look of your garden.
  7. Succulents – With all the supplies gathered and in arm’s reach, make your way to the local gardening store or outdoor store to purchase your succulents. Give yourself plenty of time, as there are many options to choose from. With an eagle eye and enough time, you will find the perfect succulents for your garden.

Got the Tools, Got the Plants, Time to Plant

This is the best part! You have all the supplies, now you get to do some gardening. Use these instructions to achieve your dream garden.

  1. Drainage – Start by pouring rocks into the bottom of your container. Pour rocks into the container until you have a layer two to three inches deep. Use your hands to spread the rocks evenly so you have a smooth base. People frequently ask, “Can I plant succulents in rocks?” and you can. Succulents are desert plants that need well-drained soil. The layer of rocks in your container are an excellent source of material to plant your succulents in. Smaller stones work the greatest as they leave the smallest gap, providing a slower drain of water.
  2. Soil – Depending on the soil you purchased, this step is super easy. Spread an even layer of soil over the layer of rocks for drainage. Create a layer of soil about three to four inches deep; you want to make sure there is enough soil for your plants to grab into. Soil that is packed too tightly will cause drainage issues and hurt your plants.
  3. Planting your succulents – Start putting your succulents into the soil. Use your trowel or your hands to dig out holes deep enough to cover the entirety of the succulent roots. Space your succulents evenly, but near enough to each other as large breaks between plants will make your garden look bare.
  4. Top layer – This is where you get to be an artist and make the soil look nice and pretty. Decorative rocks a nice touch as they add more color to your garden and help with drainage. Your top layer should be rather thin, as its design is simply for aesthetic.

Properly Caring for a Succulent Garden

Despite being tough plants, Succulents do require care. Like all plants, make sure your garden is located so the succulents receive their needed amount of sunlight and the correct amount of water. Should you decide to use a succulent fertilizer, follow all fertilizer directions carefully. Do not forget, succulents are desert plants, too much water is bad. If you see your succulents turning brown at the top, move your plants so they can get more sunlight. If they are turning brown near the bottom, your succulents are parched and need more water. Because succulents are desert plants, do not water them at night, as there is no sun to evaporate excess amounts of water. Enjoy your gorgeous succulent garden.


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