Easily Avoidable Mistakes When Moving

moving mistakes

Moving from one apartment to another is stressful for everyone. The further the move, the harder the move. Even if it is simply moving across the hall in the same building, it can still be a headache. To decrease the stress of moving to a new apartment, learn about these common mistakes that are easy to avoid.

Forgetting an Essentials Bag

Whenever you move into a new apartment, you should always pack a bag of essentials that stay on your person. Think of a carry-on bag you would take on an airplane with you; this should include a few changes of clothes, your toiletries, and any medications you take. You should carry enough essentials in your bag to survive at least three days before you make it into your new home. Everyone moving should have their own essentials bag they are responsible for.

Improperly Packing Valuables

Most moving companies will not claim responsibility for any damaged items of yours. It is vital that you pack your valuables separately and move them yourself to ensure that they make it to your new apartment safely. Anything fragile should be clearly labeled as such to make it easy for the movers to provide extra caution when handling it.

Picking a Poor Moving Company

There are plenty of moving companies and finding the right one may seem hard. When finding a moving company, do not select the first one at the top of the list. Instead, read reviews from past customers and utilize their experiences. Moving is a process, choosing the right moving company to aid you in this process can make it more enjoyable.

Not Using a Moving Company

When it comes to moving your life and belongings into a new apartment, you should let professionals help you (if you can afford it). If you are moving far away, such as a new state or a new country, there is no reason not to let people who do this for living make it easier for you. Yes, it will cost extra to hire a moving company, but it will be better than trying to navigate airports and flight connections with your entire life in your hands.

Skipping Insurance

Insurance should not be something you do not think about until it is too late. This is why you should plan to have your renter’s insurance policy effective immediately when you move into your new apartment. As stated before, moving companies will not claim responsibility for damaged during a move; get moving insurance to keep your items protected while in transit from your former apartment to your new apartment. If you hire a moving company, they will likely be insured, however, you still need to communicate what their policy covers to know if you will need insurance of your own.

Misreading the Inventory

Check the state of your previous apartment, the new apartment’s condition, and the condition of your items that are moved into the new apartment. While you are responsible for any damages caused to your old and new apartment while moving, you do not want to get penalized paying for damage you did not do.

Not Getting Rid of Enough Junk

Use the excuse of moving to a new apartment to purge yourself of clothes you don’t wear and things you do not need. Not only will this make packing easier, but you will also have less clutter when you move into your new apartment.

Rushing the Packing Process

One of the greatest flaws made when moving to a new apartment is not giving enough time to pack everything correctly. If you hastily pack, you are increase your chances of forgetting things which will make unpacking at your new apartment harder. Allow yourself plenty of time to pack your items. This will make for a polished, painless move.

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