Fan Cleaning 101

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If you do not have air conditioning, your fan is most likely your best friend during the summer. The white noise that a fan provides aids with sleep, and for people that get hot when they sleep, the soft gentle breeze can prevent you from sweating in your sheets. Fans get used often and should be cleaned just as often. A clean fan works exponentially better than a dirty fan. Cleaning a fan is an easy process and you should already have what you need in your apartment to do so. Utilize these tips to keep your hot day lifesaver working well.

How Frequently Do I Need to Clean My Fan?

Fan cleaning should be a part of your scheduled cleaning regiment. Cleaning frequency all depends on the dust level of your space and much you use your fan. In the summer, you fan made require cleaning your fan every week to every other week, while in the winter, you may get away with cleaning it monthly.

What Do I Need to Clean My Fan?

First off, you will need a cleaning solution—a general multi-purpose surface cleaner will suffice. Additionally, a microfiber cloth, rag, paper towels, screwdrivers, and compressed air will be required. A vacuum with a hose attachment will make this process easier.

How Do I Clean My Fan?

Safety first; make sure that the fan is unplugged from the wall. If you are cleaning a ceiling fan, shut off the power to that room via the fuse box. Find the fuse to the room with the fan in it and flick it to the “off” position. If your blades are not too dirty, use compressed air to blow dust and dirt off. If the blades are really nasty, you might want to wipe the blades down with a rag or paper towel. Clean blades function significantly better than dirty ones. Next, use the vacuum to suck up any debris caught in the blade guard. With the cloth, wipe away all smudges. Light fan cleaning can be done weekly and easily fit into your regular cleaning schedule.

How Do I Deep Clean My Fan?

Again, safety first, shut off the power to the fan. If this is a ceiling fan, follow the previously mentioned instructions above to shut off power to the room with the fuse box. Once your safe and set, remove the blade guard and any other parts of the fan. Rinse the blade guards off in the shower (or outside, if they are that filthy) and wipe down the fan blades and motor housing with the cleaning spray and cloth. To remove dust from the motor housing, use the compressed air to spray into the hard-to-reach areas. Work delicately to avoid any liquid seeping into the motor compartment as this could possibly wreck your fan. These are the same steps for a ceiling fan except there will not be a blade guard to remove. If you have a ladder, you can clean your ceiling fan without taking anything apart. Once your fan is clean, put it back together and enjoy the clean breeze.


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