Four Ways to Make Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner in Your Apartment Fun


When the holidays start rapidly approaching, everyone starts scrambling to figure out what Thanksgiving dinner is going to look like. Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner in your apartment might feel like an impossible task. While a successful Thanksgiving dinner is a good amount of work, you can be the best Thanksgiving dinner host right in your apartment.

Seating Preparations

Working with the limited space that comes with living in an apartment, you might not have the table or chairs for everyone you plan to have over. Most apartment kitchens are not large enough to host everyone, so you should consider having people sit in the living room as a secondary dining room. You should snag a folding table and folding chairs for extra seating options. The dollar store will provide a cheap table runner and some fall decorations to make the dining area more festive. You can rearrange your couch and existing chairs in your living room to create extra seating for guests.

Don’t Buy it, Borrow it

When preparing a holiday dinner, you will find you require items that you do not own. Perhaps you need an extra pan to roast, or simply more plates and silverware. If you live alone, you may need to borrow a larger table or some chairs. Instead of spending money on items you will only use once, ask family or friends to borrow theirs. You can even ask your guests to bring some decorations of their own to make the space more fun and festive.

Potluck Time!

Cooking for a group is tremendous work. Besides being time consuming, buying all the food can be expensive. If you are in charge of preparing the entire meal, you will spend most the time cooking opposed to socializing with friends and family. If you plan to have friends and family over, use this to your favor and have Thanksgiving dinner be a potluck. When you send out invitations, be sure to mention that everyone is bringing a dish to share. This will cut down the expectations put on you as well as create a diverse Thanksgiving dinner. Try to plan accordingly for how many guests you will have. Do not buy too much food for your Thanksgiving guests. You do not want anyone to feel bad for not being able to eat a second, third, or fourth plate of dinner.

Make it Kid-Friendly

Some of your guests may want to bring their children even though you might not have any children. Thanksgiving dinner has to be enjoyable for your guests that are kids, too. Activities, such as a coloring book and crayons, will win your child guests over by keeping them entertained while the adults have their grown-up-conversations. Having a kid’s movie ready to play in another room is an excellent way to keep the children occupied while the adults visit. Thanksgiving is the time to be grateful for your friends and family. You should be thankful that you have a wonderful apartment to host your friends and family for Thanksgiving. Use this information to make your Thanksgiving dinner one for the books.


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