Hacks that Will Save You Money While Renting an Apartment

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You are bound to know a few good life hacks by now, but did you know there are things you can do to save money when renting? With all the bills that come with renting an apartment, use these helpful apartment renting hacks to save you money!

Move-In When No One Wants to

Moving into an apartment is hard work and moving in during the winter months while the snow is flying only makes it harder. However, you can use this to your benefit to save money. Many apartments offer winter specials to help get units filled during the months when less people are moving in. Occasionally, these specials are a month of free rent for the first or last month or a reduced security deposit. Search the apartments in the vicinity and see what move-in specials are being offered at the complexes you are looking at. The potential to save a good chunk of money is there if you don’t mind moving during the winter.

Don’t Pay Sticker Price, Negotiate Your Rent

Many people are unaware to the fact that you can always try to negotiate your rent. See what other apartment listings are charging in your area with similar amenities to the one you want. If they are charging less, you could easily have some room to negotiate if the units are similar to yours. Maybe your lease is up, and you are considering staying in your current apartment; you can try to talk your landlord into lowering your rent if you sign another year-long lease. Most landlords would choose to lose a little money by giving a preexisting tenant a deal than having their unit sit empty for months.

Amenities are There for You to Use

While lowering your rent is not always possible, you can save money by making use of the amenities you already pay for. Many apartments provide fitness centers, pools, lounges, and some even offer wi-fi. Use these amenities you already pay for to save money elsewhere. For example, you do not need an expensive gym membership if you have a fitness center in your building. By not commuting to the gym you will save money. When it comes to amenity expenditures as a tenant, if there is a corner, cut it.

Let Maintenance Deal With It and Cut Us a Check

One of the best parts of living in an apartment opposed to owning a home is you do not have to worry about the expensive repairs when things break. However, while you do not pay for repairs, you pay for these things every month in your rent price. If things break and are not fixed promptly, you should most definitely ask for a rent credit. For example, if takes two weeks for your landlord to fix your broken washer, you should not have to pay the entirety of rent that month as you were not able to use what you are paying for.

Utilities Included in Rent

Look for an apartment that includes utilities in the price of rent. This makes it easier to budget effectively as you know you will pay one fixed price every month. Paying for your own utilities separately will fluctuate monthly, making it harder to keep track of your budget and how much money is going to what utility. When utilities are included, you usually do not have to pay set-up fees that normally come with moving utilities into a new place.

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