How to Clean Your Apartment Bathroom in 15 Minutes or Less

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Your bathroom is probably the one room in your apartment that needs the most frequent cleaning. Depending on how much time you spend at home, you should be cleaning your bathroom at least once or twice each week. One of your bathroom’s perks is that it’s likely the smallest room in your apartment and should be one of the quickest to clean. Use these helpful tips to clean your apartment bathroom in 15 minutes or less.

Things You Will Need

Cleaning your bathroom should be a relatively simple task, and you shouldn’t need that much to do it. For a quick and easy bathroom clean, you will need a basket for extra clutter, broom, and mop, hamper, trash can, disinfecting wipes or spray, glass cleaner, and toilet cleaner with a brush; once you have all of this, you’re ready to clean! Keep in mind that gathering all of these things before you begin cleaning will make the whole process run smoothly.

Pick up All of Your Dirty Clothes

Start filling up that hamper! Your bathroom likely collects some dirty clothes and towels, and now is the time to wash them. One other thing you should clean from the bathroom is your hand towel, which is often overlooked.

Get Rid of the Trash

Get all of the garbage out of your bathroom. Pick up little toilet paper pieces that might have fallen on the floor, loose strands of hair, and any empty soap or shampoo bottles from our shower.

Put Things in Their Home

Now is not the time to reorganize your medicine cabinet or drawers; put everything back in its proper place and save the organization overhaul for a bathroom deep-clean.

Wipe Down the Sink and Shower

Wipe down your sink, faucet, and bathtub or shower using a disinfecting wipe or cleaning spray. You can also wear gloves for this to protect your hands and save yourself from touching something gross.

Wipe Down the Outside of the Toilet

Wipe down the outside of your toilet using your disinfecting wipes or cleaning spray. Don’t forget easily overlooked areas such as the toilet bowl’s underside and under the toilet seat and seat cover. These places collect a surprising and disgusting amount of dirt and grime and ensure they are part of your regular bathroom cleaning routine.

Clean the Inside of the Toilet

This should go without saying but clean the inside of your toilet. For a more effortless clean every time, you can get water additives for your toiler water to help keep your toiler cleaner.

Clean the Mirror

Clean the mirror using glass cleaner or vinegar. You and your guests will almost always notice a dirty mirror, making this one of the most important things to keep clean in your bathroom.

Sweep the Floor

Quickly sweep the floor, focusing on the high traffic areas and along the walls where dirt tends to accumulate.

Make it a Routine

By frequently cleaning your bathroom using this easy 15-minute bathroom cleaning process, you will find that cleaning your bathroom becomes less of a chore each time as it consistently stays cleaner.

Store Your Supplies Together

One way to make it easier to clean your bathroom is to keep all of your cleaning supplies stored together in the bathroom; this will give you more time to clean as you won’t have to go around looking for all of your cleaning supplies.

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