Keep the Heat Inside a Drafty Apartment

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Winter is coming, it is time to turn the heat up and that means the energy bill increases with the temperature. Apartment buildings are known for letting cold outside air in and not keeping the heat inside all that well. Due to the lack of insulation, many otherwise nice apartments become cold and drafty during the winter months. If you are seeking precautionary measures to keep your apartment warm this winter, read up on these helpful tips.

What Can Be Done About The Drafts?

Walk through your apartment and find out where the drafts come from. Locating where drafts make their way in is the first step to stop them. For fans of incense, use an incense stick and follow the way the smoke trails when you place it next to a door or window. When you know where the drafts originate from, you can fix each drafty area as necessary. To sufficiently safeguard yourself from drafts, utilize weatherstripping and caulk.

Make Harmless Window Coverings

A temporary window covering is a simple fix for a drafty window. Whether you only need it for the winter or year-round, a temporary window covering can be removed without losing your security deposit. If it is a nice decoration, you can even take it to your next apartment. It is not permanent like weatherstripping or caulk, so you do not have to worry about receiving a landlord’s approval. Additionally, you can hang heavy curtains to insulate your apartment. A common practice is to seal windows with plastic wrap. Use double-sided tape to stick the plastic wrap to the window or door frame and use a hairdryer to make sure the wrap is as tight as possible. The tighter the wrap is sealed onto the window, the better it will act as an insulator.

Invest in a Space Heater

Arrange a few space heaters methodically to fight cold drafts and warm up your apartment. Space heaters have a few rules to them; they should keep one foot away from all walls, nothing may be within three feet in front, and there should no moisture or dampness surrounding the space heater. Every safety and product recommendation provided by the manufacturer of your space heater should be followed as well.

Heat is Escaping Out the Fireplace Flue

The chimney, or flue, of the fireplace will allow heavy, cold air to sink down into your space and light, hot air to escape without a trace. Not every apartment will have a fireplace, but if your apartment does, this is a mighty contender for where your draft is coming from. Fireplaces have an exhaust opening to let the smoke outside; this is the flue. When you are not using your fireplace, the flue should be kept shut. Aside from preventing a draft, a shut flue will not allow birds to accidently fly down your chimney into your fireplace.

Close Windows and Shut Doors in Unoccupied Rooms

Unless you rent a studio apartment, you are not using every room in your apartment at every given time. To prevent a draft, shut the doors and close the windows in these unoccupied spaces. When you close off rooms and spaces that are not being used, you can help contain a draft to one room or space. If you have a room that spends more time empty than occupied, such as a guest or spare bedroom in your apartment, this would be a great room to plastic wrap over the windows and door, especially if you do not intend to host a guest during the winter. If you do not have time to seal off drafty areas, compartmentalizing your apartment is an easy way to keep drafts from sneaking into other spaces in your apartment.


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