Seven Places You Don’t Know You Aren’t Even Cleaning

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Even if you have a solid cleaning routine in place and feel like you have a good handle on it, there are still places in your apartment that are not getting clean. When you enter your apartment, it is easy to see what is clean and what needs attention, but these are seven areas you have most likely been missing. Add these spots to your routine to know every spot in your apartment is looking fresh.

Trapped Under the Furniture

When is the last time you moved your bed or couch to clean underneath it? It has probably been a while. This is the habitat for dust bunnies, lost socks, dirt, clothes, and possibly even trash. Grab a broom, duster, or vacuum and clean underneath all of your furniture. It is recommended to clean underneath the furniture at a minimum of twice per year, however cleaning under your furniture more often will only benefit you.

Break Your Back on the Baseboards

Surprisingly, walls and baseboards collect a ton of dirt and dust. Get as much light in your room as you can, and you will see all of the dust that has landed on your walls and baseboards. Use a duster for the walls and wipe down your baseboards with a damp rag. After dusting the walls, use a wet rag to clean off any marks left on the walls. Then, attack the dirt and grime around light switches and doorknobs.

Cabinet Tops, Doors, and Yes, Decorations

When it comes to cleaning, out of sight is not out of mind. The tops of doors, cabinets, and décor tend to collect dust and dirt. Even picture frames and wall-hangers get dirty. Even though you cannot see these areas, they are extremely dirty. Additionally, clean the ceiling fan and light fixtures while you are already up there.

Ventilation and Filtered Air

If you have central heating and cooling, you have filters that need to be cleaned or replaced. Dust, dirt, and allergens get trapped in these filters and vents and end up blowing all over your living space. Clean all of your vents and replace the air filters frequently to keep dust and dirt away; your allergies will thank you for this. Window-unit air conditioners need to be cleaned, too. You can read in the owner’s manual or look up the make and model online.

Floors in Your Closet

Closets are easy to lose track of in the midst of a cleaning and organizing frenzy. You may find the closet floor is one of, if not the, dirtiest parts of your whole closet. If you keep your shoes on the floor in the closet, dirt and debris from outdoors will be transferred to your closet floor. Go through your closet a few times per year to organize your clothing. While doing so, this is an opportune moment to clean the closet floors.

Your Cleaning Tools Need to be Cleaned

Trying to clean something with a dirty tool simply doesn’t make sense. Cleaning your vacuum and other cleaning tools is imperative for them to work properly. It is recommended to rinse the debris compartment on your vacuum and hang or wash the filter often. Any hair or string stuck in the bristles of your vacuum will decrease your vacuum’s efficiency as well as end up spreading dirt and debris around opposed to sucking it up and stowing it.

Plants Inside

Plants need water and fertilizer, but they also need to be cleaned. Plants tend to pile up dust and dirt. If you are able to move them, putting them in the shower for a moment is an easy way to clean them. If a plant’s leaves are dirty, you can use a microfiber cloth or paper towel to clean the leaves. Keeping your plants clean will keep your plant healthy.


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