Stop Burglary In Its Tracks

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Whether you plan to be gone for a few minutes or a few weeks, you need to keep your apartment protected from any possible thieves. Your apartment is probably home to your valuable belongings, so even a quick trip to the store means the entire place needs to get locked up and secured. Stop burglaries before they start with useful advice found below.

Set Up Your Apartment To Look Occupied While You Are Away

A common mistake people make is letting their apartments look as if no one is around, and no is going to be around, for a decent period of time. It is inefficient to let your lights shine every hour of the day, but you should have energy efficient lightbulbs installed in the few lights you plan to leave on while you are away from the unit. It is critical that you frequently change up the lights you leave on while you are gone because a potential burglar is probably scouting the complex regularly, and if they see the same lights on every day, the burglar is only seeing through your disguise. Setting your lights up to timers is an excellent way keep the intervals at which your lights come on random, giving the illusion that someone is home, turning lights on and off as they leave rooms. If you plan to be gone for more than a few days, either have a trusted neighbor or your landlord collect your mail for you so potential burglars do not see it piling up. If you plan to be gone for more than just a few days, contact the post office to hold your mail until after you return, this way it is the post office’s responsibility to not lose track of your mail versus your neighbor, friend, or even landlord.

The Key Under the Welcome Mat is Overplayed

Even the proper precautionary measures cannot rule out burglary completely. Find innovative spots to hide your valuables throughout your apartment. A fake wall attached to any wall of your choosing is a great way to keep treasures hidden inside your apartment. Hollowed out books and candles are excellent ways to hide your smaller priceless possessions. If you have a creaky a loose floorboard under your bed, you can utilize this otherwise “broken” part of your unit in your favor. Hiding spare keys inside food boxes in your kitchen cabinet is another example of quirky, successful hiding places.

Invest in a Fireproof Safe

A safe is a great way to keep your belongings locked up securely. The hardest part about a safe is finding an inconspicuous spot for it. If a burglar sees a safe, they pretty much just found your bullseye when it comes to your lucrative possessions. House your safe inside a closet or cabinet that appears like it would not be where you keep it. If you are struggling to find a good spot to keep your safe, under your bathroom sink is not the worst idea. Since you are planning to invest in a safe, you might as well commit to the avoid and purchase one that is fireproof; should your apartment building go up in flames, your priceless possession will come out of the fire unharmed and unattainable to burglars.

Before You Walk Out the Door, Do the Dummy Check

No matter the duration of your absence from your apartment, it is critical to dummy-check that everything is properly locked and secured. An unlocked patio door or a cracked window to let the breeze in is an entrance for a desperate burglar. Dummy-check the front door to make sure you did lock it and your garage door is closed, if you have one. Develop the habit of walking through your apartment and checking yourself before you leave, even if you are only going down the street to the corner store. No one knows when a burglar will make an attempt on their apartment unit, so keep yourself safe and not sorry.

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