Turn Your College Apartment Into a Study Space

study space in apartment

If you are fortunate enough to live off campus in your own apartment, you most likely have enough room to make a study space in your apartment. Making a space to study in your apartment is going to help you be a better student and make your more efficient while studying at home. Use your own apartment to your favor and make a study space that will assist you greatly.

You Have Room, But How Do You Create the Space?

Some tenants are privileged to have ample space in their apartment that can easily be transformed into a study space. If you don’t have any space readily available in your apartment, you can most likely find a spot that is does not get used as much as the rest of your apartment and make that your study space. Even if it is just a small nook or a closet, this will suffice as your study space. Avoid putting your study space in your bedroom; there are more distractions in your bedroom than you think and having your bed nearby makes taking a nap all too inviting. If you have to use your bedroom or you live in a studio apartment, you should make one area of the room your study space. If you have a window, put your study area by the window get some natural light shining on you. Natural light will help you stay awake and keep a positive attitude.

Remove Clutter and Distractions

Move all items on or around your desk and study area that you are not using to at this moment. Only have on your desk what you are utilizing to study right now. When all distractions are removed, your studying will be more effective. When you keep your study space clean, you will be more inclined to use it. An easy way to avoid your space getting cluttered is to keep a box near your desk where you throw all unnecessary items to be organized after studying.

Maybe Invest in a Desk that Allows You to Stand

Standing desks, or up-right desks, are awesome for your body. Sit-down desks tend to create bad posture habits and make you drowsy after periods of time. Standing desks use less space than a conventional desk and make you more energized and focused. An easy way to save both space and money is to make a standing desk yourself by mounting a shelf to the wall at whatever height is most comfortable for you. See if a standing desk in your study space not only maximizes the space available but also your time spent studying.

Quality Lighting Goes a Long Way

Proper lighting will make your study space appear larger while also giving you energy. Dim lighting will make you sleepy, and lighting that is too bright might make you feel like you are in a sterilized environment. Natural lighting will always be the best option, but studying is not limited to the daytime, so be sure that you have more than satisfactory lighting in your study space. Use a light bulb that is between 3000 and 4500 Kelvin, as this color temperature range is easiest on the eyes will still aiding in keeping you awake for those late-night study sessions


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