What You Need to Know About Transferring Apartments in the Same Building

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Perhaps by the end of your lease agreement your preferences in an apartment unit have changed. If you still appreciate your building, apartment community, and neighborhood, transferring to a new unit in the same building is what you need to do.

Why Do People Transfer Apartment Units?

There are many valid reasons to move into a different apartment unit in your current building. The most popular cause for an in-building transfer is when the number of people living in your unit increases or decreases. The most common example is when a roommate gets added or perhaps you or a roommate are expecting a baby. Maybe your financial standing has changed for the better or worse, and you either need to downsize or upsize, depending how you are doing. These are just a couple of legitimate reasons for desiring to change apartments in the same building.

What to Keep in Mind When Transferring Apartment Units

Should you want to transfer to a different unit inside your building, there are a handful of steps to making this process a reality.

For starters, you need to communicate to your landlord that you want to transfer apartment units. A new unit may mean that you will be required to sign a new lease, take a new tenant screening, or even change your parking spot(s). Another critical reminder is whether you are downsizing or upsizing, your security deposit may follow suit. These are all aspects that need to be covered with your landlord.

Secondly, just because you want a new unit does not mean that one is open; you need to get yourself on a waiting list for an apartment that meets your needs. A unit is sure to open up eventually, and it is necessary that your name is next on the list waiting for it. Request an estimated timeframe for when the apartment unit will be available and make certain you will not be required to pay any additional charges for adding your name to the waiting list.

While you have communicated to your landlord that you would like a different unit, it is your responsibility to check-in with your landlord from time-to-time as a reminder to let you know if there is an available apartment unit for you to occupy. When you reach out to your landlord, it proves to them you genuinely want to transfer into a new apartment unit.

Planning the move is an important step that you know takes time as you have already moved into an apartment at least once before this. Just because you are transferring to an apartment unit in the same building does not mean that it is going to be easy. All of your furniture will have to be moved, maybe down the hall, or up or downstairs. Depending on how much heavy lifting you will have to do, you might want to hire professional movers. The logistics of you move should always be where you start your moving plan.

As soon as you get the go ahead to move into a unit, get your things packed up and ready to roll. The sooner you start the process, the smoother the process will flow. If the apartment unit you are moving into is not occupied, ask your landlord to begin moving some of your belongings before your lease starts. If you are a new face moving into a building, the landlord will most likely not let you move in before a lease is in effect: If you have occupied an apartment unit to your lease’s term and developed a relationship with the landlord, they may allow you to get some of your items into your new apartment unit prior to the official start day of the new lease.

Since you will be in a new unit, this means that all of your utility accounts will need to be transferred over or made new. If you have the ability to transfer your account information, pursue this option as it will save you time. However, even if it is just a few doors down, you still occupy a new unit, which means your address has changed to a different suite or unit number and will have to be updated on all documentation, whether that is your employer, family, and friends. If you decide that you no longer desire to change apartment units, immediately notify your landlord as quick as you can, you do not want your name on a waiting list for something you do not want, even more so if you are paying to have your name on the list.

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